Experience the interactive smart show –an intimate show you share with a thousand other people

A mysterious structure will appear on the waterfront at West Kowloon this November. This new walled city will be home for those adventurers who wish to take an exciting digital journey into the unknown.

Imagine a city in which the citizens are segregated into groups: Security, Wellbeing, Fortune or Green-living. This is a world of M.U.R.S. a futuristic immersive theatrical experience. Step inside and you will be transported to an alternate reality where a smartphone app guides your every step. You will learn what it means to be a contented citizen of the walled city. But beware! Like all cities, under the surface there are unknown forces at work, hacking your phone, challenging the order and trying to tear down the walls that confine you.

So are you prepared to embrace the chaos? The only real thing you can expect is the unexpected.

Watch the video of M.U.R.S. premier show now:

La Fura dels Baus
‘M.U.R.S.’ is the latest creation by La Fura dels Baus, a world renowned theatre company from Spain, known for their legendary large-scale outdoor spectacles and visually mesmerizing performances, including the breathtaking 40-metre ‘human net’ formed by acrobats suspended a hundred feet above the ground and the spectacular cosmogonic fight at the opening ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Over the years, La Fura has presented over 2,500 performances on 4 continents and has captivated an audience of over 3 million. Their latest show ‘M.U.R.S.’ premiered in Barcelona this summer is the first-ever smartshow in history.

Check out M.U.R.S. website now.

22-23 November 2014


West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade

Performed in English, with partial Chinese subtitles and bilingual mobile application


  • M.U.R.S. is a part of Freespace Fest. 
  • M.U.R.S. is suitable for aged 12+ only, while other programmes at Freespace Fest are suitable for all ages. 
  • A smart phone (iOS or Android) is required for your participation

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