Darrin Verhagen | Kung Chi Shing

Darrin Verhagen

Darrin Verhagen is an award-winning sound designer and composer working across a range of media. Over the last twenty-five years he has written soundtracks for theatre, dance, computer games, film and television.

As a founding member of the (((20hz))) new media collective, his recent installations have fused sound with light, felt vibration and motion simulators, and have been exhibited in contemporary galleries, media festivals and museums across Australia.

His most recent book chapter “What’s wrong? The sound of danger versus hearing dangerously” was published in Endangering Science Fiction Film (2016). His video essay Materialisation, Emotion & Attention features in the online journal [in] Transition. His most recent music remix was published under his stage name,  Shinjuku Thief, which is a rearrangement of Snog’s Clockwork Man. Shinjuku Thief’s film score for Boys in the Trees was nominated for both an Australian Academy of Cinema & Television Arts award and an Australian Film Critics Circle award.

Darrin is a senior Sound Design lecturer in the RMIT Digital Media programme, a member of the Bio-Inspired Digital Sensing (BIDS) Lab and the director of the AkE (Audiokinetic Experiments) Lab where he researches the psychophysiology of multisensory experience. Previously, he ran the Dorobo record label, showcasing Australian experimental music for over 25 years. 

Kung Chi Shing

Kung Chi Shing, Artistic Associate (Music) at the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, is responsible for shaping the district’s artistic strategies and curating programmes for music and outdoor events.

Under Kung’s leadership, a series of “Freespace Happening” events and cross-genre music collaborations have been launched offering local musicians a platform to perform in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Kung has been instrumental in co-organising the “Producers’ Network Meeting & Forum” and “New Works Forum: Choreographer & Composer Lab” to nurture young local talent and promote new works creation, and has initiated a number of international music collaborations and partnership projects for the district. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Kung is a composer, performer and music activist. He studied classical music and composition in the United States with Chinary Ung and George Crumb. He is known particularly for his work in the music performance group “The Box”, which he founded with Peter Suart in 1987. In his compositions and performances, Kung focuses on experimenting with different genres, including pop, classical, improvisational music, and theatre art.