Xiqu is a performing art that integrates music, literature, martial arts and dance.  It is an art form that reflects the traditions of Chinese aesthetics and embodies the rich heritage of Chinese arts.  The different vernacular cultures have given birth to over 300 sub-genres, and despite war, uprisings and the changes of the modern age, many of these sub-genres continue to exist.  When Kunqu was inscribed onto the very first UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2001, it drew attention towards the preservation and continuum of xiqu in general. The momentum continued and spread on a nationwide basis in China, with Cantonese opera and Zangju added to the list in 2009, and Jingju inscribed in 2010.

Our vision is to grow and diversify the audience base; to nurture creative talent and foster artistic excellence across all xiqu genres; to foster cultural exchange, experimentation and collaboration between xiqu and other art forms; and to respect and honour the traditional values of the art form. 

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