Phygital D: Chan Wai-lok – In the Cloud (16–18.9.2022)

Freespace The Terrace


An individual, imaginary dance experience shaped by soundscapes, modulated text and visuals, and the sound of the human voice


Created collaboratively by Hong Kong dance artist Chan Wai-lok and a team of artists from different fields, In the Cloud is a digital choreographic work shaped by soundscapes, modulated text and visuals, and the sound of the human voice.


Entering the multi-segmented “performance space” alone, participants embark on an individual journey through immersive soundscapes and digital dance scores. Reading aloud a series of animated onscreen texts, they create their own imaginary art experience enhanced by audio effects and the sound of their own voice. The thought-provoking work encourages participants to reflect on the nature of dance and performance, and the relationship between online and real-life experiences.


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Artistic Team:
Concept and Choreography: Chan Wai-lok
Collaborating Artists: Dick Wong, Kerry Cheung, Larry Shuen, Carman Li Ka-man
Sound Design: Larry Shuen
Narrative Creation: Chan Wai-lok, Dick Wong, Kerry Cheung, Larry Shuen
Set Design: Human Wu



Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China 25th Anniversary



Creative Tomorrow

The Programme is part of “Creative Tomorrow” exclusively sponsored by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club.


Exclusive Sponsor:

The Hong Kong Jockey Club


Commissioned and Presented by:


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