The Yuan army has invaded south and the Song Emperor flees to Yaxi. Xu Daniang organises a volunteer army against the Yuan with the assistance of Zhang Da, the former commander of Chaozhou, and his wife, Chen Biniang. One day, an imperial envoy comes to plead with Zhang, asking him to rescue the Emperor. The villagers persuade him to accept the imperial order and lead the volunteer army. A few months later, Zhang is in danger and Biniang leads the remaining villagers to his rescue. When the reinforcement arrives, the enemy threatens them with Zhang's life and Biniang reluctantly retreats, leaving her husband behind. Finally, to save the villagers’ lives, Biniang challenges the enemy to a dual and sacrifices herself.

Programme Details

Date: 25–28 February 2015 (Wednesday - Saturday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Auditorium, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing
Ticket price: $180, $120, $80* 
*Seats with sightline restriction
Half price for senior citizens, people with disabilities and their accompanying minders, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients and full-time students.

Tickets are available at URBTIX from 12 December 2014 
Online booking:
Telephone credit card booking: 2111 5999

With Chinese lyrics and English story outlines

Cast (25-26 Feb): Lao Yu Fung, Li Pui Yan, Kwan Wai Sham Juliana, Doris Kwan, Tse Hue Ying Dianna, Ruan Dewen, Tam Wing Lun Alan, Szeto Chui-ying, Kim Lun, Janet Wong, Liu Hong Wah, Lin Xinling, Wang Zhiliang, Man Wah, Kim Yung

Cast (27-28 Feb): Wang Zhiliang, Tse Hue Ying Dianna, Janet Wong, Doris Kwan, Lin Yingshi, Ruan Dewen, Tam Wing Lun Alan, Szeto Chui-ying, Kim Lun, Kwan Wai Sham Juliana, Liu Hong Wah, Li Pui Yan, Lin Xinling, Man Wah, Kim Ying

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Percussion Ensemble Leader: Chan Siu-lung
Ensemble Leader: Lau Kwok-ying

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