The Lady’s Sash was originally written by Hong Kong maestro Tong Tik-sang. The play had its stage premiere in Hong Kong in 1956 and was made into a film in 1957.

Military officer Zhao Shizhen is married to Lin Ruxiang, a devoted wife and mother. But Zhao is a jealous man, and when he one day finds Lin’s sash in the room of the family teacher Lu Shike, he is quick to accuse his wife of adultery. Although the sash has been inadvertently left in the teacher’s room by their young son, Xilang, Zhao will not see reason, and in his jealous rage he tests his wife by forcing her to behave flirtatiously with teacher Lu.  Horrified that Lin is an immoral woman, and fearful of Zhao’s jealous temper, Lu leaves the family residence.

Sometime later, while inspecting his land, Zhao comes across a bandit. After strangling the man with his wife’s sash and cutting off his head, Zhao leaves to continue his work away from the family. When the headless corpse is discovered along with Lin’s sash, it is presumed to be the body of Zhao, and Lin is arrested and accused of killing him with her paramour. The official in charge of the case is the family’s former teacher Lu. Biased against Lin because of earlier events at the Zhao household, and despite Xilang pleading his mother’s innocence, Lu finds her guilty of murder and sentences her to death. When Zhao later returns home he is told that his wife has been executed. But through a twist of fate it transpires that Lin has been saved.

Programme Details

Date: 14–15 August 2016 (Sunday - Monday)
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Auditorium, Ko Shan Theatre New Wing
Ticket price: $180, $120, $80*
*Seats with sightline restriction
Half price for senior citizens, people with disabilities and their accompanying minders, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients and full-time students.

Tickets are available at URBTIX from 26 May 2016
Online booking:
Telephone credit card booking: 2111 5999

With Chinese lyrics and English story outlines

Cast: Song Hongbo#, Dianna Tse#, Chan Chak-lui, Wang Kit Ching#, Man Wah, Juliana Kwan#, Lin Xinling#*, Wong Hai Wing#, Man Lai Ha#, Zeng Suxin#, Janet Wong#, Ko Man-him and Chung Yat-ming

*With the kind permission of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Art
#Rising Stars of Xiqu Centre

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