• Summer Holiday: Hong Kong World Champs

    10.07.2021 to 11.07.2021, Freespace

    A weekend of fun in Art Park and Freespace, featuring world champions from Hong Kong and programmes for teenagers and families with young children. Asia premiere of William Forsythe’s installation Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time, No.2 runs concurrently

    Dance, Theatre, Music

  • Freespace x Edward Lam Dance Theatre: Hello, Baoyu

    03.09.2021 to 12.09.2021, The Box, Freespace

    Renowned theatre director Edward Lam and choreographer Yuri Ng collaborate to explore questions of identity and existence in a physical-theatre re-interpretation of The Dream of the Red Chamber. Tailored for COVID times, this production features two actors performing simultaneously, but only one is onstage at Freespace


    Enjoy 20% early bird discount from 1 to 21 June 2021

  • Rimini Protokoll: 100% Hong Kong

    29.10.2021 to 31.10.2021, Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre

    One hundred Hong Kong citizens, chosen to reflect the demographics of the city, come together as performers to respond live to a series of questions, reconfiguring a series of ever-changing statistical groupings on stage and bravely revealing their joys and sorrows, hopes and fears, beliefs and attitudes


    Enjoy 20% early bird discount from 1 to 21 June 2021

  • The Future of Performance: New Creations

    What is live performance if we cannot physically assemble? Freespace and Hong Kong artists produce three new works that feature hybrid works that integrate onsite, online and body-based experiences


  • TechBox

    The Room, Freespace

    A four-year collaborative platform that assembles media artists, theatre designers, faculty members and students to rethink new frontiers of technology and performance, and devise experimental creations in a technological context