For The Time being is an intimate listening encounter created in 2020 during the early months of COVID-19 lockdowns to enable long-distance, intergenerational and transnational communication when physical encounters are difficult.

At a time in which our worlds have contracted and borders remain closed, this encounter provides a moment to transcend generations and perspectives. It is an attempt to discover an unlikely connection and to rethink our vulnerabilities and inter-dependencies.

Taking place in private, non-staged settings, the encounter begins with an anonymous voice message from a local teenager to an unnamed local adult, a stranger. The message poses a question to which the adult creates an anonymous voice reply. With the creative team acting as moderators, a series of unexpected exchanges occur.

We are now seeking adults aged over 21 to join this intergenerational encounter in Hong Kong. If you are a Cantonese speaker and are interested in taking part, please see the remarks below and register by 29 July 2021 (Thursday).

For The Time Being premiered at the Auawirleben Theaterfestival Bern, Switzerland, in May 2020 as a cross-continent encounter inspired by Samara Hersch’s theatre project Body of Knowledge.

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1–6 August 2021 (Sunday–Friday)

Creative Team:
Created by Samara Hersch, Maria Rößler and Fred Rodrigues
Direction: Samara Hersch
Dramaturgy: Maria Rößler
Creative Technology: Fred Rodrigues
Participating Partner: Hong Kong Christian Service

Free admission. Limited quota on a first come, first served basis.


Registration Deadline:
29 July 2021 (Thursday) 11:59pm


  • This event is suitable for adults aged 21 or above.
  • Participants are required to use WhatsApp messenger to take part.
  • This is a virtual event. All participant interaction takes place in private and anonymously.
  • All recorded responses will be anonymised and treated confidentially.
  • Guidelines and further information will be provided after registration.

About the Creative Team:

Samara Hersch

Samara Hersch is a theatre maker, director and teaching artist whose practice explores the intersection of contemporary performance and community engagement. She recently completed her master’s degree at Das Theatre in Amsterdam. Her current research is an exploration into public acts of intimacy, particularly through imagining new performative frames for non-professional performers and audiences to inhabit. Directing credits include: Body of Knowledge, Dybbuks, We All Know What’s Happening (Winner of the Green Room Award for Best Contemporary and Experimental Performance 2017), Sex and Death, A Dybbuk Event, META and Hello There We’ve Been Waiting For You.

Maria Rößler

After assisting the theatre collectives Rimini Protokoll and lunatiks production in Berlin, Maria Rößler worked for various art festivals and conferences including the Transmediale festival for art and digital culture, Berlin. She was involved in the programme development and organisation of the international performing arts festival “Foreign Affairs” at the Berliner Festspiele (2013–2016), worked as dramaturgical advisor to the artistic programme team of the multidisciplinary art centre Vooruit in Ghent (2017), and has also conceptualised talk and reflexion programmes for festivals in Brussels and Amsterdam. Since late 2017, she has been a member of the programme board of Zürcher Theater Spektakel. Her work as a freelance dramaturg includes collaborations with theatre/performance makers Nuray Demir, Sofia Dinger, Samara Hersch and doublelucky (Christiane Kühl and Chris Kondek).

Fred Rodrigues
Creative Technology

Rodrigues began his exploration of performance and media as a musician in Sydney’s underground experimental music/punk/activist scene in the late 1990’s. Concurrent with his award-winning work in conventional post-production, he produced a number of collaborations in film and television. With a strong background in extreme/experimental music, his earlier works focused on music performances with a variety of integrated technology and audience interaction. Rodrigues also worked on internet-based socially analytic projects and innovative experimental music projects. His research delves into the languages of machines, letting them communicate their states and commands between systems. Rodrigues has also worked in a number of artist-run initiatives, creating sustainable artists communities outside of institutions.

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