Xiqu Centre

Wonders Await


When we view art, what creates the experience beyond that singular moment is the space that surrounds us. And when we experience the performing arts in the spaces of West Kowloon, we are gifted with stories that speak to the essence of who we are as human beings, to ultimately shape our narratives and identities.


So this performing arts season, when you find yourself walking through the Art Park, gazing up at the ceiling of the Xiqu Centre Atrium, or listening for the sounds and riffs spilling out of the nearby livehouse – soak it all in. Because it is in the spaces around us, where art begins. This season, step into these spaces to be amazed, to be moved, and to be inspired. This is the realm where creativity flourishes through cutting-edge arts tech to renew all the artistic practices we know and love.


The stage is set for you to discover the wonders that await within.


Paul Tam
Executive Director, Performing Arts