To enable all visitors to engage with and enjoy the exhibition, the following accessible information, gear, and programmes are available upon request.

Accessible information

  • Detailed route guide
    Click here to download details on the walking route between Kowloon MTR station and the M+ Pavilion.
  • Text-only exhibition information
    Tablets that allow text information to be read aloud or zoomed in on are available for loan at the M+ Pavilion G/F information desk. Tablets provide different means for visitors to access printed exhibition texts.
  • Visual representations of sounds
    Devices that transform sounds into illustrations and texts are available for loan at the M+ Pavilion 1/F reception. Each device is composed of two parts: a tablet that renders sounds from the surroundings into a graph in real time, and a booklet that contains exhibition floor plans and text descriptions. Visitors can experience the sounds of the exhibition through vision.

Access gear

  • Earplugs
    Sound-reducing earplugs are available at the M+ Pavilion 1/F reception. They allow visitors who are sensitive to sound to engage with the exhibition. 

Access programme

  • Access tours
    Access tours for audiences with specific needs are available upon request. Special schools, registered charities, and non-profit organisations related to rehabilitation services or people with disabilities are welcome to apply. Please contact us at or (852) 2200 0041 at least two weeks in advance of the date you would like to visit. Click here for details.

    The following access services can also be arranged with advance notice:
    1. Live audio description
      Translation of visual information into spoken language is available, so visitors can engage with the art through hearing.
    2. Sign language interpretation
      Interpretation between spoken language and sign language is available, so visitors can participate in the tour and interact with each other.
  • Other programmes
    Live audio description and sign-language interpretation are also available for talks and live performances upon request, and with at least two weeks’ advance notice. Please specify the required service(s) when you register for an event.