M+ Essential Editions, M+’s first pop-up store

M+ Essential Editions is a new series of artist collaborations and pop-ups offering a fresh look at consumer culture. In response to Young’s show, our first M+ Essential Editions pop-up store is designed and structured as Boomtown Gundane’s dressing room, with the items on sale directly inspired by the stories presented in the exhibition: the singer Boomtown Gundane’s jacket; a world-tour lapel pin; a screensaver from the work Palazzo Gundane (homage to the myth-maker who fell to earth); and a USB drive in the form of a cassette that doubles as a limited-edition Samson Young album.

Items are available at M+ Pavilion.

Discount for M+ Pioneers

M+ Pioneers can enjoy a discount of 15 per cent on all items. (Discount applicable for maximum two items per transaction for ‘Do No Harm’ jacquard wool jacket and Palazzo Gundane screensaver.)

‘Do No Harm’ jacquard wool jacket

This jacket is a replica of the one worn by Boomtown Gundane during his world tour, when he performed his platinum Christmas charity single. ‘Do no harm’ is Boomtown Gundane’s personal motto.

Price: $1,500

Screensaver from ‘Palazzo Gundane (homage to the myth-maker who fell to earth)’

In this animation doubling as a screensaver, a boy dressed in a kilt mimes shooting a gun, accompanied by an elevator music-style composition. The work is housed in a 3D-printed bust of a cowboy.

Price: $500

World-tour lapel pin

These souvenir pins are reproductions of the highly popular Pythagoras and bugle pins worn by staff at the 2017 Samson Young exhibition in Venice. Two additional motifs, a cowboy hat, and Ronald Reagan, are now also available.

Price: $45 each

‘Tobacco and Oil’ cassette USB drive (Limited-edition album)

‘Tobacco and Oil’ cassette USB drive (Limited-edition album)

This functioning 8-GB USB drive is also a limited-edition cassette featuring two tracks composed by Samson Young.

Track 1: Tobacco Song
A field recording of a tobacco auctioneer’s song, recorded in North Carolina in 2016 as part of a sound piece commissioned by Frieze Projects at Frieze London 2016. The voice is that of Chuck Jordan, one of the last tobacco auctioneers still active in the United States.

Track 2: Oil Flame
A recording of a gas flare – the burning off of flammable gas released as part of the oil-extraction process – made in 2017 at an oil field in the city of Williston, North Dakota, United States. Young processed the recording with a reverb effect to distort it with digital feedback.

Price: $85

Samson Young: Songs for Disaster Relief, Hong Kong in Venice (A Mixtape)

Samson Young: Songs for Disaster Relief, Hong Kong in Venice (A Mixtape)

This catalogue was published in 2017, in conjunction with Samson Young: Songs for Disaster Relief, Hong Kong in Venice, a solo exhibition by Samson Young at the 57th International Art Exhibition, Venice Biennale.

Price: $220