Event: Chinese New Year Event at West Kowloon Art Park

Due to event in Chinese New Year, there will be restricted access to the lawn areas at the West Kowloon Art Park, Waterfront Promenade, Car Park and Museum Drive from 18–30 January 2020 (Saturday–Thursday).

Art Park
Art Park will be partially open from 18–30 January 2020 (Saturday–Thursday). Please visit Opening Arrangements for further information. Nursery Park and New Pet Zone will remain open as usual.

Car Park & Museum Drive
Project Site Office Car Park will be temporarily suspended during 20–29 January 2020 (Monday–Wednesday).Museum Drive , Art Park (Zone E) Car Park will be temporarily suspended due to Chinese New Year Event during 25–28 January 2020 (Saturday–Tuesday). Visitors are encouraged to use public transport services.

SmartBike rental service will be limited during 18–24 January (Saturday–Friday) and 29–30 January (Wednesday–Thursday), and temporarily suspended during 25–28 January (Saturday–Tuesday). Please visit SmartBike for further information.

Opening Hours of Ticket Offices, M+ Pavilion, Restaurants and Cafes

Ticket Offices
Ticketing Hotline, Xiqu Centre and Freespace Ticket Offices will be closed from 25–28 January 2020 (Saturday–Tuesday).

M+ Pavilion
M+ Pavilion will be closed on 25–26 January 2020 (Saturday–Sunday). Please visit Sigg Prize 2019 exhibition for further information.

Restaurants and Cafes
Please check the webpage of Restaurants & Cafes for the latest opening arrangements via their websites.