Mr Christopher Law is a Founding Director of the Oval Partnership. Over the years Mr Law has received numerous accolades. Mr Law’s design projects have received awards from institutions around the world including the Royal Academy of Arts, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects, the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners, and the American Institute of Architects. Mr Law is the chair of a number of community organizations and member of many committees in Hong Kong including the Energy Advisory Committee. He is currently the Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Urban Conservation and Community Participation Blue House Project. He is the Chairman of the Environment and Sustainable Task Force of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects. Mr Law was the chief curator and exhibitor of the Hong Kong Exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2012, and the chief curator and founder of the community led cultural organization - Very Hong Kong Foundation. His Wuli Garden Project has been selected for the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition in London in 2012. Mr Law was made an honorary member of the American Institute of Architects in 2013 for his contribution to Architecture. He was elected as a fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 2013.


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