The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon

"The Dance WE Made" West Kowloon Dance Crew

The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon

The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon

The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon



Co-create fun, spontaneous dance sequences as part of a new accessible programme


On weekends and public holidays, join us for a new interactive community dance project. Facilitated by the West Kowloon Dance Crew, The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon invites you to co-create fun choreographic sequences inspired by everyday conversations.


On performance days, our team of talented dancers engage friends and strangers in simple exchanges that spark imaginative spontaneous dance. Together, you and the dancers devise original short works of choreography that the Dance Crew will then perform, film and then share online for the world to see!


Participation is free and open to everyone – no experience or registration required. For programme details, see the table below and stay tuned for monthly updates on times, locations and dancer line-ups.


About The Dance WE Made
Presented in collaboration with British dance company Casson & Friends, The Dance WE Made @ West Kowloon is the Hong Kong version of the international project The Dance WE MadeSince 2012, the project has been presented at festivals and public spaces in 10 cities and collected dance moves from more than 2,500 people.


DateTimeVenueWest Kowloon Dance Crew
18 February 2023 (Saturday)2:00pm–4:00pmMain Entrance, FreespaceOlivia Chung | Instagram
Hin Hon | Instagram
Charlie Tang | Instagram
King Tsoi | Instagram
19 February 2023 (Sunday)2:00pm–4:00pmMain Entrance, FreespaceHim Ng | Instagram
Wing Tam | Instagram
Philip Wong | Instagram
Yuki Yuen | Instagram


Supported by:

British Council


Institution Partner:
Hong Kong Design Institute


West Kowloon Dance Crew costumes are designed by Carol Ko, student, Department of Fashion and Image Design, Hong Kong Design Institute.
Documentation of The Dance We Made @ West Kowloon is led by students of the Department of Digital Media, Hong Kong Design Institute.