Experimental Solo Cantonese Opera “The Asura Judgement”

Xiqu Centre Tea House Theatre


A tale of murder and morality written, directed and performed by Cantonese opera legend Law Ka-ying and inspired by Kurosawa’s classic Rashomon


Premiering the first solo performance of his career, Cantonese opera legend Law Ka-ying presents a unique one-man adaptation of his 2021 ensemble production The Asura Judgement. Inspired by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa’s classic film Rashomon, and written, directed and performed by Law himself, the new production sees the veteran performer adopt multiple roles, switching back and forth in time and space to recount “the truth” of a fatal crime from the subjective perspectives of a series of protagonists. 


In recent years, Law Ka-ying has adapted a number of world classics for the Cantonese opera stage, including King Lear and Macbeth. The Asura Judgement transposes the story of Rashomon from 10th century Japan to late Ming Dynasty China. Retaining fundamental elements of Kurosawa’s work – a tale of murder retold by a thief, a monk, a woodcutter and his wife – the production addresses issues of humanity, morality and trust from a variety of angles. In a major artistic breakthrough it also blends the narrative techniques of contemporary theatre and film editing with traditional Cantonese opera stage and lighting practices.


Commissioned by the Xiqu Centre, this new performance condenses the original three-hour script of the 2021 ensemble production The Asura Judgement into an artistically demanding one-man show.


Title Sponsor:

Friends of Hong Kong Association Ltd


Produced by:

Xiqu Centre


Artistic and Production Team:
Playwright / Director / Cast: Law Ka-ying
Producer / Director / Script Arranger: Naomi Chung*
Composer / Music Arranger: Tam Siu-wai
Technical Director: Rae Wu*
Set Designer: Eric Chan
Lighting Designer: Leo Siu
Sound Designer: Fung King-hong
Video Designer: Dan Fong
Assistant Producer: Peter Lee*
Production Managers: Fanny Lo*, Katrina Chan*
Producer’s Assistants: Novia Chong*, Hazel Yau*


Ensemble Leader:  Lee Tik-lun
Percussion Ensemble Leader:  Mai Jiawei
Musicians: Ho Yimen, John Ho Chun-hei, Liu Chun-hei, Ng Ka-po, Ng Wing-lam, Szeto Wai-suet, Yue Kin-long, Yuen Ka-yi, Zhu Zhi-ming


*Staff of West Kowloon Cultural District


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