Winter Holiday Comedy: The Emperor

Xiqu Centre Grand Theatre


Count down to the New Year with a brand new Cantonese opera comedy


The Emperor is an original comic Cantonese opera from Canto Op’s creative duo, Wyborn Leung and Keith Lai.

As the unsmiling Crown Prince prepares to become Emperor, the court scrambles with questions about his ability to rule. But when the prince is so captivated by the performance staged for the Empress Dowager’s birthday that he suddenly disappears with the troupe, the question becomes how to lure him back in time for his enthronement!

The opera premieres in a special late-night performance on New Year’s Eve. Join us for the celebration countdown in the Grand Theatre during the show!

Over the holiday, take the opportunity to stroll around the Xiqu Centre, join a guided tour and enjoy the delicious Chinese food on offer in our restaurants.

Keith Lai Yiu-wai, Wyborn Leung Wai-hong, Johnson Yuen Tak-cheong, Alan Tam Wing-lun, Vong Seng-pan, Kwok Kai-fai, Fu Shuwang, Ng Lap-hei, Shum Pak-chuen

Commissioned by the Xiqu Centre

Produced by:

Canto Op