Sudhee Liao, Alice Ma and Chan Wai-lok: The Room Service

Freespace The Room


The Danzcation Room Service delivers three other-worldly dance fantasies by emerging choreographers


Part of City Contemporary Dance Festival and Freespace’s 2021 CCDC in Residence programme, The Room Service comprises three short works by emerging Hong Kong-based choreographers Sudhee Liao, Alice Ma and Chan Wai-lok – a series of cutting-edge contemplations on identity, power, technology and sex.


Simulacra: In this powerfully poignant, quiet work Sudhee Liao dances with a virtual archetype in a tiny, confined space. Contemplating the nature of identity and relationships, the work explores what it means for a flesh and blood dancer to interact with a digital reproduction of herself, and how we connect with ourselves and others when virtual realities are an everyday part of our lives.


I don’t mean it: Dressed in an executive suit and heels, and standing at a speaker’s lectern, Alice Ma explores the relationship between truth and lies, words and actions, and power and violence. Breathtaking and disturbing, wild and exquisitely controlled, this thought-provoking work will etch itself into your mind and stay with you long after Ma has left the stage.


{POV[TWINK / COUPLE (ASIAN) / EXPERIMENTAL]}: In this provocative piece, Chan Wai-lok, Lee Ka-hei and Li Ka-man invite you into the private sphere of their “Love Action Home Movie”. Exploring the line between performance and reality, voyeurism and exhibitionism, the work forces the audience to contemplate the nature of watching vs spying, being present vs being involved. (Adult content)


Each work has been developed through CCDC Dance Center’s creative platform “2nd Stage 2021”. The platform offers young artists the opportunity to extend their creativity by reviewing and restaging original new dance works.


Artistic Team:
Choreography and Performance: Sudhee Liao
Visual Arts Design: Dan Harris
Music: Bach, Johann Sebastian. Violin Partita No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1004: V. Chaconne, Jascha Heifetz


I don’t mean it
Choreography and Performance: Alice Ma
Music Composition and Sound Design: Leung Po-wing


Choreography: Chan Wai-lok
Performance: Chan Wai-lok, Lee Ka-hei, Li Ka-man
Costume Design: Cheng Nga-yan


Co-presented by:

City Contemporary Dance Company

City Contemporary Dance Company is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region



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