Dishui Nanyin Concert Series: Tong Siu-yin

Xiqu Centre Tea House Theatre


Acclaimed dishui nanyin master presents two performances of popular nanyin ballads in the traditional setting of the Tea House Theatre.


This December, acclaimed dishui nanyin master Tong Siu-yin – one of the few dishui artists performing in Hong Kong today – presents two concerts of popular nanyin ballads in the traditional setting of the Xiqu Centre Tea House Theatre. Each performance presents a different repertoire of traditional and popular songs.


Dishui nanyin is a style of Cantonese narrative ballad singing that was popular in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta at the beginning of the 20th century. Recognised as an intangible part of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage, it was often performed in restaurants and teahouses by blind musicians who sang and performed original tales with percussion and zither accompaniment. Although nanyin-style melodies have been incorporated into Cantonese opera productions, few musicians are trained in this heritage art form today. Join us for a rare heritage experience.


9 December 2022 (Friday)
  1. Searching for a Lost Love
  2. The Regret*
  3. A Wanderer’s Autumn Grief (Part II)
  4. Bells on Starving Horses*
  5. Memories of Almond Blossom Lane
  6. A commotion in Governor Mui’s Office
11 December 2022 (Sunday)
  1. Ho Wai-kwan’s Midnight Lament
  2. Autumn Moon on a Placid Lake*
  3. Life is a River of Regrets
  4. The Toll of the Temple Bell*
  5. The Rebirth of a Tenacious Swallow
  6. Burning Funerary Goods for His Love

*Cantonese Music Performance