Vision and Objectives

West Kowloon, an arts and cultural hub in the heartland of Hong Kong, embodies the city's commitment to promoting arts and culture, and the long-term development of the creative industries. 



Our vision is to develop an integrated arts and cultural district that will:

  • provide quality culture, entertainment and tourism programmes with a must-visit appeal to both local residents and visitors from around the world;
  • meet the long-term infrastructure needs of Hong Kong's arts and cultural development and foster organic growth and development of culture and creative industries; and
  • become a hub for attracting and nurturing creative talent, an impetus to improve quality of life, as well as a cultural gateway to the Pearl River Delta.



Our objectives are to:

  • facilitate the long-term development of Hong Kong as an international arts and cultural metropolis;
  • uphold and encourage freedom of artistic expression and creativity;
  • enhance and promote excellence, innovation, creativity and diversity in arts and culture;
  • enhance the appreciation of a diverse and pluralistic range of the arts;
  • develop new and experimental works in arts and culture;
  • cultivate and nurture local artistic talent, arts groups and others working in the cultural sector;
  • encourage wider participation by the local community in arts and culture;
  • promote and provide arts education to the local community;
  • facilitate the development of cultural and creative industries;
  • facilitate and enhance cultural exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong, Mainland China and beyond;
  • facilitate and enhance cooperation between government or non-government bodies and organisations with arts providers, locally and internationally;
  • encourage community, commercial and corporate support and sponsorship of arts and culture;
  • provide or facilitate the provision of free and accessible open space within the West Kowloon Cultural District  to the general public; and
  • strengthen the position of Hong Kong as a tourist destination.