• Chinese Culture Talk Series II

    27.02.2019 to 24.04.2019, Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

    In this series of three talks, local experts share their understanding of poetry, calligraphy and the ancient Chinese divination text the I Ching, and explore the relevance of traditional literary arts in a contemporary society

  • Park Tour and Workshop (April 2019)

    13.04.2019 to 27.04.2019, Art Park, West Kowloon

    Join us for an introduction to the Art Park and discover the different tree species planted in the future park of the West Kowloon Cultural District

  • Stone-painting Workshop

    20.04.2019, Studio, Xiqu Centre

    During this 2-hour stone-painting workshop, Hong Kong’s first and only full-time stone painter Kam Shing-yan guides you through basic techniques, and helps you achieve a sense of focused calm that acts as a perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city

  • Egg-painting Workshop

    21.04.2019, Atrium, Xiqu Centre

    This Easter, join us at the Xiqu Centre Atrium for a new spin on egg painting, and learn about the face-painting process used for female Cantonese opera roles at the same time

  • Between Cantonese Opera and Film: Connie Chan and Female Cross-dressing

    27.04.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    Since the post-war years, the convention of nüwenwusheng – female performers playing civil and military male roles – in Cantonese opera has been a popular practice in Hong Kong. In this talk, Prof Li Siu-leung looks at the recent history of female cross-dressing in Hong Kong Cantonese opera and film, with special reference to Connie Chan Po-chu

  • The Literature in Kunqu The Literature in Kunqu West Kowloon 101

    The Literature in Kunqu

    30.04.2019, Seminar Hall & Studio, Xiqu Centre

    In this talk, Chinese opera scholar Chan Chun-miu looks at some of the literary texts used in Kunqu, and shares insight into Kunqu influence on xiqu songs and performance

  • Dialogue | Cantonese Opera Dialogue | Cantonese Opera West Kowloon 101

    Dialogue | Cantonese Opera

    07.05.2019, Seminar Hall, Xiqu Centre

    Cantonese opera plays an important role in the lives of people in Hong Kong. This talk explores its transition from the use of Mandarin to the Cantonese vernacular, demonstrating vocal styles and techniques and offering a deeper understanding of the aesthetic features of the art form