• Music in the Atrium

    24.04.2021 to 22.05.2021, Atrium, Xiqu Centre

    Free weekend music performances in the Atrium by a diverse line-up of professional ensembles

  • Music After Work @ Xiqu Centre

    06.05.2021 to 24.06.2021, Xiqu Centre entrance

    Relax after work and enjoy live music performances every Thursday at the Xiqu Centre’s front entrance. Programmes vary every week and showcase light jazz, world music, original songs and more. Free admission

  • Intergenerational Xiqu Journey

    15.05.2021 to 19.06.2021, Xiqu Centre

    The two half-day experience invites seniors aged 60 or above and their younger generations to participate in a series of Cantonese opera activities together, exchanging views, culture, and memories between two generations