• Giant Steps 2.0 – Jazz Rhythms for Kids

    09.07.2021 to 18.07.2021, The Room, Freespace

    In this 90-minute workshop, young participants work with local musicians to learn about simple jazz rhythms and improvisation through rhythm clapping, movement games and dance, and join an impromptu jamming session with tap dancers and the band

  • Summer Holiday: Hong Kong World Champs

    10.07.2021 to 11.07.2021, Freespace

    A weekend of fun in Art Park and Freespace, featuring world champions from Hong Kong and programmes for teenagers and families with young children. Asia premiere of William Forsythe’s installation Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time, No.2 runs concurrently

    Dance, Theatre, Music

  • Little Kids Jazz World

    25.07.2021, The Room, Freespace

    Little kids love nursery rhymes, but have you ever heard them in jazz style? Presenting well-known nursery rhymes, classic jazz standards and original children's songs, the concert lets friends of all ages explore the wonderful world of jazz music, interact with musicians and dance to the rhythm of jazz

  • Freespace Jazz Fest

    29.10.2021 to 31.10.2021, Freespace and Art Park

    A weekend of indoor and outdoor music and art events celebrating the innovation and diversity of one of the world’s most popular forms of music


  • M+ Rover 2020–21

    The travelling creative studio has featured Wong Tin Yan’s commissioned work Yes but Why? on its tours to local primary school and community spaces, bringing teachers, students and public a series of learning activities and online educational resources