• How Did You Two Meet? — Online Talks

    28.05.2020 to 27.08.2020

    In this series, curators draw connections between uncommon pairings of works of art, design, and architecture from the M+ Collections to spark new stories. Join the conversation on Microsoft Teams and get as stimulated and agitated as we are

  • M+ Online Hackathon—City of Objects

    01.08.2020 to 15.08.2020

    M+ Online Hackathon—City of Objects invites students, designers, artists, technologists, and cultural enthusiasts to embark on a journey that explores the concept of objects through different lenses—everyday life, personal and cultural identities, and virtuality

  • M+ Rover 2020–21

    The travelling creative studio has featured Wong Tin Yan’s commissioned work Yes but Why? on its tours to local primary school and community spaces, bringing teachers, students and public a series of learning activities and online educational resources