Let your books find new owners at Freespace Happening’s ‘Bookcrossing’!

For our ‘Reading on the Grass’ event, we will set up a ‘Library’ where you can bring books you would like to share with others – and enjoy the books that other people have shared.

If you are interested in giving books to Freespace Happening:

  1. Bring your books to the ‘Reading on the Grass’ Library.
  2. You will be given a message card to put inside your book. Share your thoughts on the book by writing on our message card.
  3. You can pick and adopt the same number of books as you brought to the Library.

If you do not have a book to share but would like to read books from the Library:

  1. Pick a book you are interested in and read it on the lawn.
  2. Share your thoughts on the book on the message card.
  3. Please return the book to the Library before leaving.

Books welcomed by the Library:

  1. Books aimed at young people and/or a general audience (e.g., illustrated books, books on arts and culture, hobbies, etc.).
  2. Chinese and English books.
  3. Books that are intact and clean.

Please note:

-          Only legal copies of books are accepted.
-          Books with obscene, violent or offensive content are not accepted.
-          Magazines and textbooks are not accepted.