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“When you hear the beat drop, the low pop, and the high roll, feel us and find us, we are Milos, and we are ready.”

Formed in 2012, Milos is a 3-piece math rock band with Charles on guitar, Jona on bass and Mauu on drum.

Cafe 852

Cafe 852 is Hong Kong's Argentinian Tango band, performing live Tango, Milonga and Gypsy music. This trio is formed by Nazar on Accordian, Soujit on Guitar and Farley on Bass and Trumpet. Each of them brings their own musical style and flavour to create a unique, live, musical experience which will transport you to Buenos Aires and beyond!

Subyub Lee

Subyub Lee graduated from the School of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Acting. He plays multiple roles in a one-man band, like the guitar, piano, drums and vocal. His first song “Wake up Naturally” was published in 2014.

He is now a singer-songwriter signed under Milkshake Music Limited and has released 2 albums. He has also composed music for films including Love Off the Cuff, Love in the Buff, 29+1 etc., and has acted in various TV shows and films.

KJ Wong

Once documented in the film “KJ Music and Life”, KJ is now a pianist, a music teacher, an artistic director, an art critic, a columnist and a person. Studied the piano with Nancy Loo, Gabriel Kwok and Emile Naoumoff, he also learned the violin with Yang BaoZhi, Michael Ma and Ho HungYing. Graduated from Indiana University, he primarily focuses on practicing, teaching and performing. After two years of various experiments, KJ now leads the Music Lab Festival, turning a new chapter for himself and local musicians.

Wong Way Down Jazz Symphony

The Wong Way Down is an edgy, artistic swing band from Hong Kong that performs fast paced, high energy original jazz music. The band consists of a motley crew of some of Hong Kong’s most prolific professional musicians with a wide range of backgrounds. Led by drummer Nate Wong , a Berklee graduate and drummer of indie up comers Nowhere Boys, the group has performed in the HK International Jazz Festival, Guangzhou Opera House and Freespace Happening.

The Wong Way Down Jazz Symphony is a collaboration between the band and  the Hong Kong Sinfonietta in the summer of 2017.

Olga Chung

Olga has been a singer-songwriter since 2011, recording in studios and performing in live gigs, telling stories through music. She writes her own work as well as collaborating with other artists. Olga recently became a member of SoundBetter as a professional singer-songwriter. She is a mezzo soprano who has a unique voice quality that runs between soft and strong. She recently published her EPs ‘Sunlight’ and ‘The Best Time’.

The Dumpling

The Dumpling was formed in 2012. Known for trying new things, The Dumpling has organised shows in unusual places such as tenement and industrial building rooftops. Following the relocation of their singer the band now mainly performs instrumentally.


Music duo SUNSET OR RISE was formed in 2016 by singer Tammy Kwong and guitarist Tomy Ho. The band dabbles in a wide range of music styles and hooks audiences through their lyrics and melodies.

Green Wood Grid

Green Wood Grid is a keyboard and vocal duo composed of Tiksan Fung and Joshua. Together their music conveys strong scenic presence.


Cassette was formed in 2016. A synth-pop and electro-rock band made up of Aeolus Wong of Peri M and Johnny Choi of Closer, it has played at music festivals Wow and Flutter and Yes! Rock, among others. In 2017 the band signed to VOV Entertainment Group. They plan to release their debut album later this year.