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Hakgwai is a musician, educator, and street performer from Hong Kong. A proficient player of the Chinese erhu and pipa, as well as indigenous instruments from around the world, including the didgeridoo, asalato, Himalayan bowls and mouth harp, he blends traditional instrumentation with electronic synths and beats, creating music that is bold and experimental. Hakgwai has played solo and in collaborations in Hong Kong and Australia. Some of his past music endeavors include local hybrid progressive rock band Chock Ma, and tribal folk band Tuo Ling.

Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble

Founded in 2003, the Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble is a professional ensemble producing quality chamber concerts and promoting Chinese music culture and local talent in Hong Kong. The Ensemble currently has 16 resident musicians, all experienced local graduates in music or performance, and a configuration that reflects the traditional Chinese ‘silk and bamboo’ (string-and-wind) format. The Ensemble has commissioned and premiered over 20 new works and has a rich repertoire of both traditional and contemporary pieces.

Gregmel & Africana Band

Gregmel & Africana Band play African, French Caribbean, Reggae and Latino music. The band was started by Gregmel in 2012 and took part in West Kowloon’s Freespace Fest in the same year. The band is composed of bass, lead guitar, percussions, drummer and a lead vocalist on acoustic guitar.

Sheng-xiang & Band

Sheng-xiang & Band released their latest 2CD album Village Besieged in May, 2016. The album contains 18 new songs about their concerns for the environment and the effects of industrial development on agriculture rural life. Based on elements from traditional Taiwanese music blended with western music influences, their style represents a unique genre of new folk in Taiwan.

Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club

The newly created Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club started as the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland's 'ferias', or festivals, with their boisterous atmosphere and famous marching bands. Electrically self-powered, they pay tribute to classic French songs and melodies, fueled with pastis and camaraderie.

Toy Captain

The unique style of Toy Captain derives from a blend of folk, pop and reggae, and lyrics sung in the Chiu Chow dialect of Nan'ao Island, Shantou. Inspired by the traditional folk music culture of the coastal regions of Nan'ao Island, their songs are about the local islanders and the sea. The mix of poetic lyrics and traditional and contemporary elements make their shows highly infectious – and always great for a rousing sing-along!