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Sinking Smoke

Sinking Smoke is a band made up of Hannah (Vocal/Keyboard), Jovi (Guitar), Ar Pi (Bass), Keith (Drum). With members coming from different music background, the band plays multiple types of music like Dream Pop, Psychedelic Rock and Jazz. Being at the stage of music composing, they keep exploring different possibilities from alternative music styles.


Wnb is a duo of music lovers from Tung Chung with a simple, laid back sound. Their biggest enjoyment is busking and presenting the music they love to new audiences.

Another Kitchen

Another Kitchen – made up of Kimi (vocals), Charles (guitar) Kit (bass), and Ching (drums) – is a four-piece band playing Rock and Pop blended with Blues, R&B, Funk and a little touch of something Latin. The band are happiest sharing their musical passions with a live audience.

The Six Heads

The Six Heads was formed in 2013. A few awards and line-up changes later, the band continue making their own blend of fusion rock and gigging in Hong Kong band.

Uka Yeung

Life, nature and travel are some of the things singer-songwriter Uka Yeung documents with her guitar and music. Her career as a writer-performer began when she was a high school student pursuing her musical dreams and studying digital music production. Driven by an urge to share her music with a wider audience, she later took to the streets as a busker. To date Uka has a long list of original songs to her name.


EMPTY is a Hong Kong local band formed in 2002. Because of a school music competition, a group of high school students found the resonance in music and decided to pursue their dream. Ever since 2002, EMPTY still love music and believe in their own dream.

The Three Hares

Stretching across sacred sites in the Middle and Far East, Britain and Europe, the motif depicting the three hares, who share three ears chasing each other in a non-stopping circular motion, is an ancient riddle appearing in diverse cultures and religions. To name their band ‘The Three Hares’, they inherit the playful wits and the unlimited enthusiasm from the hares and blend different styles from varying cultures, be it the funk, blues, pop or whatever, into the basis of rock.


Formed in 2004, local Cantorock favourites RubberBand comprises vocalist Mau Hou-cheong, Lee Siu Wai, on bass, Lai Man-wang, on drums, and guitarist Clement Fung Ting-ching. Performing original songs with confident lyrics, they tackle a range of themes from personal simple daily conversations to serious social issues in Hong Kong.