In Playwrights' Playground, 4 local playwrights will present selected excerpts from their own plays in response to a specific theme. Moderated by the playwrights and read by actors, audiences will get a chance to discuss with the artists on their points of view on the play. The reading will be held in Cantonese.

Wu King Yeung

A Hong Kong playwright, artistic director of Lake View Sun Room Production.

Recent works include: “Screen: Reflector“(2015) “Landscape of Ozu” (co-write, 2015), “Hong Kong School of Wasted Youth: a requiem” (2014)”The hole, the flushing toilet & my soul” (2012) and “A Hong Kong Shopping Mall Odyssey: Searching for the Happy Man” (2011), which is produced by Prospect Theatre. The works were nominated for the Best Script at the 4th Hong Kong Small Theatre Award.

Poe Wong

Graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Drama from the HKAPA, Poe was the playwright-director of “What a Wonderful World” (2008) and “To Whom It May Concern” (2010) by Dramatic Stream. Poe has created works including: “The Sound of Evolution “from the New Wrighting Series in HKREP, “Working on Progress” (2015) from Prospect Theatre Playwritght Scheme and “One Day Out” etc.  Poe’s presented works include “Finding 1.0. Years” and “Days Being a Fish”, which focused on the topic of depression and produced by Circular Theatre.

Chan Siu Tung

As a graduate of The School of Drama in HKAPA, Chan has participated in many school productions like “Rubik's Cube and its aftermath”,  ”Out of Order” etc. and received awards and scholarships from the HKAPA. His recent performances include works in Playwright Scheme V, VI, VIII, IX by Prospect Theatre, “Twelfth Night”, “Lady Samantha”, “A Hong Kong Shopping Mall Odyssey: Searching for the Happy Man”, “Occupy C.E.O.” etc. 

Chan is also a playwright and created works including Invisible Men by HKREP,”A Night in the Triad Family” by istage、musicals for RTHK, “Useless” and “My Dream Home Gone” by BHT Theatre etc., in which “My Dream Home Gone” was nominated for the Best Script at the 7th  Hong Kong Small Theatre Award and “Useless” has received the Best Script at the 6th Hong Kong Small Theatre Award.

Tang Sai Cheong

Founder of the Black Bird Theatre and a playwright, director, actor and teacher since his graduation from the HKAPA in 2006, Tang was the playwright and the director for most of the works from Black Bird Theatre and teaches regular drama courses in Black Bird Theatre. 

He has collaborated with many organizations like Theatre du Pif, Prospect Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Chung Ying Theatre Company and W Theatre etc. 

His recent work includes: “Three Brothers” (2013), “The Story of City Bao” (2015) from the Playwright Scheme by Prospect Theatre, “Tang Sai Cheong” (Since 1894) from New-Wrighting Series 2 by HKREP, “The Head of Ostrich” in New Energy Series organized by LCSD etc. He has also translated scripts like “The Wilderness” for HKAPA and “A Number” for On and On Theatre Workshop.