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The Gatling Gun Revival

After an extended hiatus, Singer-songwriter Corey Tam and Poubelle International’s Zane Thomas Stroud join forces again to create a fresh collection of songs. This project has been is a long-winded musical affair that has finally solidified in the form of ‘The Gatling Gun Revival’. Gathering ideas in their spare time and eager to get their hands on any instrument they can find, this folk duo aims to write simple, genuine and introspective songs about love, loss, hope, regret and everything in between. Tam, having been influenced prominently by the sounds of Elliot Smith, Simon & Garfunkel and the Beatles and Stroud, a Texan raised around church hymns, gospel and country music, combine their experience as songwriters to create an intricate mesh of indie rock, folk, country and bluegrass.


Initially formed by Him (drummer), Moore (guitarist) and KaChai (bassist), silhungmo (derived from Chinese, meaning Little Red Riding Hood) did not take its current form until Ashley (vocals) joined in the summer of 2012. Known for their energetic, passionate and youthfully spirited music, the band has won a handful of band competitions over the years,  going as far as performing at 2013 Formoz music festival in Taiwan. In 2015, silhungmo released their debut album 聽着呼吸擴張狀態 (“Listen to your  breathe”), and then toured around Canton Province, sharing their music and thoughts. According to the age old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood was an innocent and carefree girl, a quality the band hopes to carry into their music. 


DP was formed by Dave Wong and Paul Maclean, Hong Kong’s original hairy metal monsters. With just a bass, drums and a lot of beard hair, the duo is well-known for making noise in Hong Kong and all around the world since 2007. They were the first Hong Kong band to play at SXSW in the US, they’ve played festivals in the UK, Australia, Vietnam, and made several appearances at Hong Kong’s Clockenflap festival. Their blistering live shows thunder through songs about monsters and mayhem, madness and mania. 


GDJYB is a Hong Kong-based indie math-folk girl band. Formed in August 2012, the group consists of guitarist Soni Cheng, drummer Heihei Ng, vocalist Soft Liu and bassist Yellow Yi Wong. The name GDJYB is from a local Chinese dish (Gai Dan Jane Yuk Bang, steamed meat loaf with egg). By fusing math-rock and folk music genres in Honglish (Hong Kong English), GDJYB is bringing something distinctive and fresh to the indie music scene through the changing tempos and patterns. The band have been to various music festivals and live houses, like Fringe Club, Hidden Agenda and Clockenflap. In 2015 summer, GDJYB participated in Taiwan Wake Up Music Festival and organised their first mini concert in Taipei. In 2016, the girls will go to Singapore and be the first HK band invited to Laneway Festival.


UNiXX was formed in 2001. Their early sound veered towards post-punk, noise-pop and Brit rock, with beautiful melodies that are also entrenched in darkness. Their third album The Incomplete Circle, was simultaneously released In both Hong Kong and Taiwan in 2014. Most recently, the band was invited to participate at DongTaiDu Music Festival 2015. 

Tie Shu Lan

Tie Shu Lan was formed in Spring of 2005. Championed for their distinctive take on nu-metal, the band is active in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macau. They have opened for Beijing rock heavyweights Nuclear Fusion-G and Ordnance in the past. In 2009, the band was invited to perform at Spring Scream, Taiwan’s premiere music festival, which cemented them as one of the leading heavy bands in Hong Kong. Five years in the making, Tie Shu Lan released their first Guangdong album Let Faith Propagate in 2011 to good press. The album is a culmination of their experience and memories.