Be aware of the Frisbees thrown at Freespace Happening! Members of Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association (HKUPA) are going to demonstrate a skip guts competition at the South Lawn of the Nursery Park. This fast-paced match combines trick shots, strategies and fast-paced defense that will get you cheering! 

Join our free Frisbee trial if you want to learn the basic techniques and rules of the game. Register at the South Lawn 15 minutes before the trial time, limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis, suitable for ages 6 and above. Participants are suggested to wear sportswear and sneakers.

About Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association

Hong Kong Ultimate Players Association (HKUPA) is a non-profit organization that organizes Frisbee events all around Hong Kong for people of all ages, and hosts regular pick-up (casual), beginner training, club training and international tournaments.

The HKUPA’s goal and vision is that one day Ultimate Frisbee will grow to be a well-recognized and mainstream sport in Hong Kong. The HKUPA is dedicated to increase both the number of participants in the HKUPA community as well as develop the talent of Ultimate players in Hong Kong.