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Pui Ching Primary School Orchestra

Hong Kong Pui Ching Primary School Orchestra is composed of elite members in String Ensemble and Wind Band.  The Orchestra performs for annual concert and graduation ceremony.  To provide more performing opportunities for the members, public performances are also arranged occasionally.

The Gong Strikes One

The Gong Strikes One is formed by musicians and actors who are actively involved in local Cantonese opera troupes in Hong Kong. The group showcases vocal and instrumental passages from Cantonese opera works as independent pieces while preserving the flavour of theatre. In exploring the musical world of theatrical Cantonese opera, they embrace both traditional and contemporary forms of the genre and present Cantonese operatic music in a unique setting.

Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir

Founded in 1978 by a group of Welsh expats, The Hong Kong Welsh Male Voice Choir is nowadays as multicultural as the city itself, comprising some 50 local and overseas members from a dozen countries worldwide. It remains purely an amateur group but performs to a high professional standard, with many of its concerts raising funds for various charities. Besides entertaining local residents with its harmonious blend of songs old and new, the choir has performed at such illustrious venues as London’s Royal Albert Hall and Sydney Opera House, and makes annual visits to Thailand and the Philippines.

Gadjo Station

Gadjo Station is a collective of musicians who play Gypsy Jazz. Featuring Guitars, Sax, Clarinet, Vocals, Double Bass and occasionally Snare Drum.

Our band's name forms from the Romani word for "a non-Romani" person called "Gadjo". Since we are a group of musicians coming from a diversified background, Hong Kong, France, US, among other places in the world, but none of the members are actual Romani gypsies. This music that they play has its roots in traditional Romani, Eastern European and American Blues/Jazz.

ONE Harmony

ONE Harmony is an African music band founded in 2013. They play West Africa rhythms and melodies with traditional instruments. They focus on African music with their new arrangements. 


SHIFT means change. The band is incorporating R&B, jazzy and funky element to create a new vibe that is catchy and innovative.

Singer-song writer Cy Leo is the World Champion on harmonica in World Harmonica Festival 2013.

On the drum, Ted Lo is a renowned masterful musician graduated from the Berklee School of Music. Keyboard player Daniel Lo is a PhD candidate at the University of York in UK. Meanwhile, the soulful and groovy bass player Scott Dodd is frequently collaborating with famous pop singers internationally. Last but not least, Vincent Lau is one of the most promising up-and-coming guitarists in Hong Kong. The band creates harmonious and soulful music as a whole. But when stepping into the fore, each band member is exploding onto the scene with his own amazing appearance.