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Tong Siu Yin

A regular performer in community concerts and Cantonese opera contests, singer, percussionist, and yangqin player Tong Siu Yin studied Cantonese opera under Li Ngan-kiu and has won a number of awards for her mastery of the art form.

Tong is one of the few surviving singers of Cantonese naamyam (narrative songs) in Hong Kong. Having learned the art from renowned singers Dou Wun and Au Kwan-cheung, Tong is now a major advocate for this traditional form of Cantonese culture and has made several film and TV appearances, including the film The Endless Song (2008).

Jonathan Yang

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Yang has been playing and writing since he was young and writes most of his work on the guitar and piano. After years of experimenting with different sounds, his debut album “It’s Time I Head South” shows that he has found his own direction.

Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club

Le Groupe Électrogène Fanfare Club started as the ultimate side project of a pack of homesick Frenchies who longed for their homeland's 'ferias', or festivals, with their boisterous atmosphere and famous marching bands. Electrically self-powered, they pay tribute to classic French songs and melodies, fueled with pastis and camaraderie.


Soulmates was formed in 2015, a band with Jazz-funk style that includes a full brass horn section. Members consist of Crystal and Lari (Vocal), Pong (Guitar), To (Drums), Mingsum (Keyboard), ChinWa (Bass), Brian (Saxophone), Stanley (Trumpet) and Edward (Trombone). These young musicians hope that the music they share can become the soulmate of every listener.

Life Was All Silence

Life Was All Silence is an instrumental band composed of Leaf on bass, Frank on keyboard, Travis on drums/percussion and Jay on guitar/synthesiser. Starting with lo-fi, improvised home recordings, they blend live instrumentation with electro-acoustic, incorporate electronics, loop pedals, and sansula to create metronomic sounds with subtle changes in beat and rhythm.

Two years in the making, Life Was All Silence’s debut album “The People” was released in 2014.

Zelos Wong Hoi Yat

Writing songs and playing music as Zelos is a satisfying way of expressing his need to create. He loves to write lyrics and keep fit.

Merry Lamb Lamb

Called “Merry” by her mother to bless her with happiness, and “Lamb Lamb” as her nickname since middle school, Merry Lamb Lamb takes inspiration from video games and comic books and has a fondness for the sweet, jumpy melodies of electronic music. 

She hopes her signature brand of music shows audiences that happiness is not just about searching and discovering, but also about being creative.

Little Nerve

Little Nerve is a fool obsessed with music, drama, and creativity.

Sam Ding Muk

Sam Ding Muk or “Three J, One Eye” is a power-pop band formed in 2016 by vocalist Jamie, guitarist Season, and drummer Ken, who came together through their love of Japanese music. The three were joined later by bassist Kuen, to complete the current make-up of the band.

Cow Head

Formed in the summer of 2014, Cow Head presents a fusion of purely instrumental music styles, moving beyond lyrics to sare their muse with the audience in an abstract, conceptual way.

The band has performed at all kinds of events, from street performances to large events like Wow and Flutter’s Weekend Festival 2017, Lan Kwai Fong Beer Festival 2017, Grasscamp 2017, West Kowloon’s Freespace Happening, and Silvermine Music Festival 2017. Cowhead also took second place at the Parson’s Band Legend Competition 2017.