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Conception, Choreography, Stage design, Costume design

Christian Rizzo

Born in 1965 in Cannes, Christian Rizzo is a choreographer, dancer, rock musician and fashion designer. After graduating with a degree in visual arts from the Villa Arson in Nice, he founded L’Association Fragile in 1996, and has since created more than 30 productions, including qui va là for the Opera de Lille, and comment dire “ici”? for Dance Forum Taipei. In 2015, he was appointed director of the ICI – CCN Montpellier (Institut Chorégraphique International – CCN Montpellier - Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée).


Fabien Almakiewicz

Born in 1975, Fabien Almakiewicz studied at the Beaux Arts art schools in Cherbourg and Marseille from 1997 to 2002, and later in Nancy at the Centre Européen de Recherches et de Formation aux Arts Verriers (CERFAV). In 1998, he discovered somatic techniques and contemporary dance, and became part of the European Dance Development Centre (EDDC) in Arnhem (Netherlands). Since then, he has participated in productions and performances as a dancer and performer with Christophe Halebʼs company La Zouze (1999–2003), Collectif Skalen (2004–2008), choreographer Rosalind Crisp (2004), Serge Ricciʼs company Mi-octobre (2000–2012), Sylvie Le Quéréʼs Grégoire & Co. (2009–2010), and with Françoise Tartinvilleʼs performing arts company Hatmen (2012).

Filipe Lourenço

Dancer and choreographer, Filipe Lourenço was born in 1976, in Bourges, France. After studying the lute and Andalusian-style Arabic music, he played with the El Albaycin orchestra for several years. During that same period, he practised and taught traditional North African folk dancing. In 1997, he entered the National Centre of Contemporary Dance in Angers (CNDC), and in 1990 signed his first contract with Olivier Bodin. Since then, he has worked with a number of choreographers, including Patrick le Doaré, Catherine Diverrès (new version of San, and original productions of Cantieri, Solides, Echo and Blowin), Georges Appaix, Joëlle Bouvier, Nasser Martin-Gousset (Péplum, Comedy, I Want You and Pacifique), Michèle Noiret and Olivier Dubois. In 2009, with the performers Laurie Young and Giota Kallimani, he created The Plant Collective and produced two dance pieces, Trente and Double Take.

Massimo Fusco

Massimo Fusco trained in dance at the Paris Conservatory of Music and Dance where he studied contemporary dance, improvisation, composition, anatomy, music and dance history. He has worked with Jean-Claude Gallotta at CCN2 – Centre Chorégraphique National in Grenoble, Annabelle Bonnery and Francois Deneulin, Hervé Robbe at Le Phare, Centre Chorégraphique National in Le Havre-Normandie, Sarah Crépin and Etienne Cuppens, Joanne Leighton at the Centre Chorégraphique National in Belfort, and Clédat and Petitpierre. Currently, he is involved in Alban Richard’s Pléiades projects, From a True Story by Christian Rizzo and CARE by Mélanie Perrier. After graduating as a dance teacher, he refined his technique through numerous educational workshops. Research and experimentation are of particular importance to him. He is also interested in art performance, and has obtained a degree in art, dance and performance from the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon.

Miguel Garcia Llorens

Born in Peru, Miguel Garcia Llorens graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru with a degree in theatre while training as an acrobat in Lima. He arrived in France in 2008 to study at the National School of Circus Arts in Rosny-sous-Bois, where he received a degree in circus technique. He then attended the CNDC in Angers, where he studied as an artist choreographer. There, he worked with Ko Murobushi, Loïc Touzé, Dominique Brun, Faustin Linyekula, among others, and received a degree in dance from University of Paris 8. He is currently working with Sylvain Prunenec, Faustin Linyekula and Dominique Brun. In 2013, he collaborated with Christian Rizzo for the creation of From a True Story.

Kerem Gelebek

Born in 1981, Kerem Gelebek studied for two years at the Istanbul Conservatory of Dance in Turkey before joining the CNDC in Angers, France. He has participated in performances by Jordi Gali, Nicolas Floc’h and Vera Mantero, among others. In 2007, he coordinated the international festival Dance Camera Istanbul. In 2008, he began working with Christian Rizzo in the original productions mon amour (2008), l’oubli, toucher du bois (2010), erwartung, pierrot lunaire, la voix humaine (2010) and is continuing alongside Rizzo with le bénéfice du doute (2012), the solo sakınan göze çöp batar (2012), From a True Story (2013), ad noctum (2015) and le syndrome ian (2016).

Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martínez graduated with a fine arts degree from the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, and discovered contemporary dance with choreographer Idoia Zabaleta. He completed his studies at the Centro Andaluz de Danza de Sevilla, and widened the scope of his choreography at the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique in Toulouse (CDC). His work is centred on the performing arts, exploring the associations between dance, painting and illustration. Among his renowned dance pieces are El pintor y la modelo and Gala Fantoche. He is a member of the art collective Mopa in Seville. Within this group, he has worked with national and international artists and companies as a dancer, performer, scenographer, art director, assistant, choreographer and costume designer. He is currently working with Abraham Hurtado creating performances, installations and video art, and Francisco Camacio/EIRA, with whom he created Andiamo in 2012.

Yaïr Barelli

Yaïr Barelli was born in 1981 in Jerusalem, and has lived in France since 2008. He was trained professionally at the Centre de Développement Chorégraphique in Toulouse (CDC), as well as in the ESSAIS programme at CNDC Angers, under the artistic direction of Emmanuelle Huynh. He has worked for a number of choreographers and artists, such as Emmanuelle Huynh, Marlene Monteiro Freitas and Christian Rizzo. He collaborates frequently with visual artists such as Neal Beggs, åbäke, Pauline Bastard, Ivan Argote, and has developed projects like Ce ConTexte and sur l’interprétation – titre de l’instant. Yaïr teaches at several institutions, including the CNDC in Angers, The Place in London, and the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD).

Pep Garrigues

Born in Valencia, Spain, Pep Garrigues arrived in Brussels at the age of 19 to study at Anne Teresa De Keersmaekerʼs school P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios). He continued his exploration of contemporary dance at the EX.E.R.CE programme at the CNN Montpellier. After studying under Mathilde Monnier for seven months, he expanded his ideas on choreography in the ESSAIS programme at CNDC Angers. He established his company Cel Ras in Spain and began to conduct his own research and choreography. He has worked with Laure Bonicel, David Wampach, Alexis Armengol and with Christian Rizzo (mon amour (2008), From a True Story (2013)).

Original Music, Live Music

Didier Ambact

After playing in various post-punk groups, Didier Ambact joined industrial metal wave group Treponem Pal in 1991. In 2001, he founded Fast Forward, a hardcore noise group that toured Europe and released around twenty singles and two albums. At the same time, he partnered with the techno group Micropoint, part of the General Dub collective, creating performances with a Butoh dancer, a VJ and remix artists such as Lab ° and Mimetic. Since 2005, Didier has worked regularly with Christian Rizzo on projects such as soit le puits était profond (2005), mon amour (2008) and From a True Story (2013). His other works include the in-situ sound installation Au-delà, with performer Jean-Baptiste André, and the musical creation Stellaris, based on a new set of scales emanating from the vibrations of the stars, as discovered by Sylvie Vauclair, researcher at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

King Q4

Bertrand Groussard, aka King Q4, studied percussion at the Conservatoire de Saint-Germain-en-Laye and specialised in analogue and digital recording techniques at EMC, a multimedia school in Malakoff. In 2000, he released one of the first French electronica albums. He joined the group Encre and toured Europe with them, playing drums. He has also been part of the art collective Section Amour, with whom he participated in the 12-hour concert of improvised music, Je ne suis pas un artiste by Geisha Fontaine and Pierre Cottereau. In 2011, he founded J&Y with Laurencina Lam, who he met in the group Pokett, and toured the US and France. King Q4 also composes music for films and commercials.