Yang YuntaoPaul YipLee Chi-waiOliver Shing

Yang Yuntao
Concept / Choreographer / Dancer
Yang Yuntao©Pazu Chan
Yang Yuntao joined the Hong Kong Dance Company in 2002 as Principal Dancer and became its Artistic Director in 2013. As a dancer, Yang has been recognised with two Hong Kong Dance Awards for Outstanding Performance, and was named Best Artist (Dance) at the 2009 Hong Kong Arts Development Awards. He is also an accomplished choreographer. His most notable choreography credits for the HKDC include Spring Ritual・Eulogy (Outstanding Production, Hong Kong Dance Awards 2013) and The Legend of Mulan (Outstanding Ensemble Performance, Hong Kong Dance Awards 2014), as well as Storm Clouds and L’Amour Immortel, both recognised with three Hong Kong Dance Awards.

Paul Yip
Composer / Music Director / Sound Designer
Paul YipWith over 10 years of experience as a composer and sound designer, Paul Yip has worked on theatre, film and performing arts productions. He has performed live at arts and music festivals around the world, including the PGN Nordic Art Festival in Norway, the TPAM Performing Arts Festival in Japan and the Boom Festival in Portugal, and was among the collective of gong artists that achieved the Guinness World Record for the biggest gong bath at Olympia London. His work as a composer has been featured at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, the Hong Kong Arts Festival and in the film Raging Fire. Yip has also collaborated with artists such as SEOP Dance Company from Korea, anothermountainman from Hong Kong, and Xing Liang. Yip is a certified International Sacred Sound Healer. He obtained a Nada Yoga TTC Certificate in India.

Lee Chi-wai
Set and Lighting Designer
Lee Chi-waiAfter starting his career in the technical department of the City Contemporary Dance Company, Lee Chi-wai has become a prolific set and lighting designer and an active member of the Hong Kong dance community. His design credits include CCDC’s Almost 55 (Chou Shu-Yi), ON VIEW: HONG KONG (Sue Healey, Maurice Lai) commissioned and produced by West Kowloon, So Low (Lai Tak-wai), Dan's Exhibitionist 2011 (Daniel Yeung), Neo Dance’s Galatea X (Justyne Li and Wong Tan-ki), Dancing Blue (Mui Cheuk-yin, Lee Chun-chow), Unlock Dancing Plaza’s Never-never Land (Ong Yong Lock, Chou Shu-yi), PROJECT AFTER 6: Cube Culture presented by Taikoo Place and the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation, and Guangdong Modern Dance Company’s Sticks (Sang Jijia). Lee was a recipient of the City Contemporary Dance Laureate in 2016.

Oliver Shing
Digital Image Designer
Oliver ShingOliver Shing, a practitioner of Pak Mei Kung Fu, is a digital image designer and director whose work has been featured in productions by the Hong Kong Dance Company, the Hong Kong Ballet, City Contemporary Dance Company, Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, On and On Theatre, the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Theatre Ronin, among others. Shing is also the founder of Daaimung, a multimedia studio that has provided visuals for concert tours of pop stars, including Joey Yung and Aaron Kwok. He is currently a guest lecturer at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.