Proposed Facilities to be Provided



Exhibition Galleries

Specifically themed on painting and calligraphy, ceramics, imperial treasures, as well as the architecture of Palace Museum (PM) and its challenging conservation and renovation over the years. A gallery will in particular be dedicated to using multimedia technologies to highlight the architectural wonders and collections of PM

Thematic Exhibition Galleries

Dedicated to organising thematic exhibitions (3-6 months) on culture, history and art of PM, or large scale exhibitions on loan from overseas. The collections from local collectors can also be showcased in this exhibition space

Classrooms/Activities Rooms

Providing a variety of interactive and participatory educational activities for young people to enhance their appreciation of Chinese culture. Science popularisation facilities promulgating the research conducted by PM in areas of art, history and science, such as the conservation of artefacts or the architectural renovations of PM over the years

Lecture Theatre

Holding public lectures and seminars

Entrance Lobby

Serving as main entering and gathering point for visitors, providing essential front-of-house facilities (e.g. box office, cloak room, etc.), and venue to stage small-scale exhibitions, ceremonies and functions

Bookshop/Souvenir Shop

An outlet for PM’s cultural merchandise which may include stylish bookshop/souvenir shop with cultural displays


To provide an enjoyable place for visitors to eat, rest and socialize in the museum


Working space for staff

Acclimatization Room

To serve as the transition room for valuable artefacts to adjust to new storing or displaying environments

Exhibition Preparation Room

To serve as working space for unpacking, temporary storage, inspection, registration, conservation and preparation of artefacts before being displayed in the exhibition galleries


Carpentry, metal and electronics workshops (for multimedia exhibits, display setup and environmental decoration of galleries)

General Storage

For storing exhibition materials (e.g. casing, packing materials, etc.), inventory items (e.g. publication, merchandises, equipment, etc.) and miscellaneous materials for the operation of the museum (e.g. documents, stationery, furniture, stanchions, etc.)

Others (e.g. toilet, changing room for front-line staff, etc.)