Last updated date: 22/06/2017


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    Are only Hong Kong residents eligible to enter?

    The Competition is open to Hong Kong residents only, including permanent and non-permanent residents, whether currently residing in Hong Kong or elsewhere, and regardless of nationality. At the same time you must also meet other eligibility criteria. (For example, you are eligible if you are residing in Hong Kong now, with the right of abode or a legitimate immigration status, such as with a study, work, or dependent visa. You are also eligible if you are a permanent resident of Hong Kong but currently live overseas.)

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    Are foreign nationals or Mainland Chinese who have previously graduated or worked in Hong Kong eligible to enter?

    Foreign nationals or those from Mainland China who have previously studied or worked in Hong Kong must also hold current resident status in Hong Kong at the time of registration for the Competition, in order to be eligible to enter. Please note that proof of Hong Kong resident status will be required (see below). At the same time all other eligibility criteria have to be met.

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    Will proof of Hong Kong residency be required?

    Copy of proof of residency in form of HKID card, HKSAR passport or other proof of Hong Kong resident status issued by the Immigration Department of HKSAR Government (e.g. study visa / work visa / dependent visa) will be required. For single participant and lead participant of each group, the proof shall be submitted as part of Stage 1 submission for verification. (see Attachment C Submission Form Part 4 Checklist). For all other participants, proof of resident status shall be submitted upon request.

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    Do all members in the group entry have to meet eligibility criteria?

    Each participant in a group entry has to meet ALL eligibility criteria. The lead participant of the group shall take overall responsibility to ensure the compliance of each member on eligibility. Members of the group who do not meet all eligibility requirements will not be recognized as participants in the Competition.

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    What are the courses of study referred to regarding current enrollment or the year of graduation?

    Current enrollment or year of graduation refers to those of the relevant courses on architecture, design and other discipline relating to the built environment or art installations, including diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Examples of relevant courses are Higher Diploma in Exhibition Design, Bachelor degree in Architecture, Master degree in Environmental Design, etc., awarded within the year of 2007 or after. For the purpose of compliance with eligibility, indicate only the year and course of your most recent study on the on-line registration form and/or “Attachment C Submission Form - Part 1 Participant’s Particulars”.

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    Am I eligible to enter without any formal educational background on relevant studies?

    Individuals of other educational or professional background will be assessed case by case. All other eligibility criteria must be met. Please submit details by email for further enquiry.

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    Will other study or qualification not directly related to design be eligible to be a member of participating team?

    The Competition is a design competition of a temporary pavilion. Previous study, qualification or professional experience in related design discipline must demonstrate that the related discipline constitutes directly a significant and integral part of the design concept. Examples are engineering design in tensile structures, textile design in building fabric as a major component of the pavilion, and exhibition design in art installation that forms an essential part of the pavilion design. Non-design discipline such as marketing, sociology, exhibition management which is not directly related to design will not be considered in meeting eligibility requirement.

Participants and entry

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    What is the restriction of number of participants in one entry?

    Eligible person(s) may participate in the Competition as an individual (single person entry), or a group/team consisting of not more than six (6) members (group entry with lead participant). Please note eligibility requirements apply to all members of the participants.

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    Is multiple registration allowed?

    Each individual may only participate once, whether as a single person or in a group. Each new registration will automatically supersede the previous registration. Please indicate the final registration number on Stage 1 Submission Form. If any individual name appears more than once in the registration record, details in Stage 1 submission “Attachment C Submission Form” will be taken as the final submission status. Previous registration will be automatically removed.

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    Is multiple entry allow?

    Multiple entry will not be allowed. Each individual (single person entry) or group may only submit one entry.

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    Is this an anonymous design competition?

    The Competition is not an anonymous design competition. However all participants must observe the Confidentiality provisions in the Competition document including “Appendix – Competition Rules & Conditions”.

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    Why is the portfolio of personal/group works required?

    A portfolio of previous personal/group works and short biography of each participant is required to be submitted in accordance with “Design Brief, section 3.2 (3)” and “Attachment C Submission Form - Part 2”. The portfolio may consist of individual works and/or group works belonging to the participating members of the group. The portfolio and biography of the participants will be for the judges’ reference in assessing the design entry.

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    Will the portfolio be assessed?

    The portfolio will not form part of the assessment. It will be used for reference by the Judges to understand the background and ability of the participant(s) in future development of the design concept (such as new or unconventional use of material or structural form) and execution of the design to a buildable scheme (which is expected to be safe, structurally sound, in compliance of relevant building ordinance and licensing requirements and within budget).

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    Can a team of companies enter the competition?

    The Competition is open to individuals only. As an option, participants of group entries may indicate one company name as their “Group Name” in the submission form.



Conflict of interest

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    Will there be any conflict of interest if I am an employee of one of the members of the judging panel and wish to submit entry on my own?

    Please refer to “Design Brief - 2.1.5 Conflict of Interest”, which prohibits direct or indirect involvement or influence on the preparation of the design entry by any members of the Jury Panel or the organizing party WKCDA, rather than status or relationship. For example, an employee, associate or a student belonging to the same organization or institution of a member of the Jury Panel, may enter the Competition as long as there is no direct or indirect participation, involvement or influence of the juror on the preparation of the design entry.

Design Requirements

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    May the roof be accessible? Is Multi-level seating/activity levels allowed? Is it obligatory to provide shelter from rain?

    There is no restriction to mandate or exclude any of the above. Each design concept will be assessed on its own merit in conjunction with other requirements in the Design Brief.

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    What is the exact location and site boundary of the proposed pavilion?

    Please refer to updated information in Attachment A (page 4) “Location of Temporary Pavilion” Drawing no.  XXXXX-AUT-PMS-DWG-2263-P00-XXXX-WS3 Revision XB. You may download the above via the same link provided to you previously in the Registration Confirmation email. As a conceptual design, participants may propose a maximum area of 9m x 27m at the designated location for the pavilion, in compliance with other requirements in the Design Brief (e.g. clearance to other structures). Existing site features such as raised area, steps, ramp, access hatch to septic tank etc. are for reference only and may be subject to modification and/or detail co-ordination at future design development stage according to the design proposal.

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    What are the limitation of material to be used for the pavilion?

    There is no limitation to the use of material for the pavilion. However any material used in the pavilion must be safe, technically & structurally sound, in compliance with all the requirements of the design brief (including cost) and conforming to (or can be shown to conform to) relevant building ordinance and licensing requirements.

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    What is allowed in a one level structure?

    A one level space may also include split or different levels, provided that all usable spaces are safe and accessible to all and in accordance with the requirements in the Design Brief.

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    May the roof be trafficable or served by a ramp?

    There is no restriction to the use of roof provided that its use and accessibility complies with the design requirements in the Design Brief.

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    Will fixing or structural foundation be allowed on existing concrete slab?

    Appropriate fixing and foundation which form part of the design of the Pavilion shall be proposed accordingly in the design submission. It will be assessed based on safety, practicality, technical/statutory and cost considerations.

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    Will basement or excavation be allowed?

    No basement or deep excavation will be allowed other than necessary structural works required for the erection of the temporary pavilion.

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    Are extendable/removable shelters allowed outside the 9m x 27m Pavilion site area?

    Reasonable removable/collapsible extensions or extendable components which is an integral part of the pavilion design are allowed to extend beyond the designated site area, provided that all design requirements are met in the Design Brief, including but not limited to minimum clearance to other existing structure.

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    Are there other services utilities available at the location of the temporary pavilion?

    Apart from electricity and water supply indicated in the Design Brief, there is no other utility service available in the designated location.

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    What are the opening hours, seasons and expected life span of the pavilion? How often will it be relocated?

    The pavilion will be initially erected in the designated location and open to public during park opening hours for a period of 6 months. Park opening hours may reach a maximum of 24/7 in certain occasions. In view of the possibility of future relocation, the pavilion shall be capable to be used throughout different times of the year, and shall be designed to withstand varying weather conditions all year round in Hong Kong. Future relocation will be subject to location and further arrangement to be determined by WKCDA.

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    What is the security requirement of the temporary Pavilion?

    The temporary Pavilion will be located inside the park and supervised by park management. It does not required to be closed or secured in any specific way. However closing or security features may be included if it forms an integral part of the pavilion design concept.

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    Will site visit be allowed? Will there be any additional site information such as photographs or video available?

    Site visit is strongly recommended to all participates. The location for the Pavilion is open to public during park opening hours. Use of drone in park is restricted (Please contact WKCDA park management office for details). There will be no additional site photos or video to be provided to participants.

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    What does the budget of construction cost include?

    Budget of construction cost (HK$4.5 million) refers to the procurement of the temporary Pavilion under the arrangement of a “design and construction” contract, including detail design and construction by a “design and construct” contractor. There will be no separate design or consultant fee for the contract. Prizes of the Competition are not part of this budget. Other expenses (HK$0.5 million) refer to all other expenses incurred in the realization and delivery of the project, such as associated legal, licensing and utility fees.

Design Exhibition

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    Are there any honorable mentions for stage 1 entries? How will the entries be selected for Design exhibition?

    Other than the three shortlisted entries from stage 1 submission, there will not be other honorable mentions. Subject to future arrangement, a small number of selected entries will also be included in a design exhibition open to public after the announcement of the Winning entry. Selection will be based on merit of design proposal and to be determined entirely by the Judges of the Competition and by WKCDA.