The judging panel selected the three shortlisted designs after detailed consideration and discussion. There were a number of designs that were highly regarded and considered for inclusion in the Stage 1 shortlisting process. Some of these are shown below:

Title: One
Design Team: Bloom+ (Matthew DONKERSLEY, Arnold WONG Yok Fai, Allen CHAU Shek Lun, Benjamin William Blanning GOUGH, Emily YAN Hei Men, Richard J WOOD )


Title: Open House Pavilion of Bamboo
Design Team: Thomas CHEE King Hei


Title: Watermelon
Design Team: CHEN Lok Yan, Francis LAM Yuk Shui, CHOW Man To


Design Team: James DOWDING, LIU Jiannan


Title: Daily Measures
Design Team: Generiek (Richard LEUNG Kai Ching)


Title: Wind Chimes Pavilion
Design Team: HAU Sum Ming


Title: Pavilion of Art of Writing
Design Team: Davy KU Ching To


Design Team: LEAD/BH (Kristof CROLLA, Adam FINGRUT, Emidio PIERMARINI)


Title: Ting4 Ting4 Juk6 Lap6
Design Team: LEUNG Ting Cheung, LUI Ka Lung, LAU Tsz Shek, TAM Zhongming


Title: Misty Hut
Design Team: Otherwhere (CHENG Siu Fung, MAK Ching Hong, TAM Wing Kin, LAM Wai Wa, CHAO Ka Kei, LUI Ping Man)


Title: Wave
Design Team: Victor Ioan PRICOP, Ioana Alexandra MITITELU


Title: The Stool Pavilion
Design Team: R+J (Ronald LAU Ching Ming, Jason TAM Hoi Fung)


Title: The Dandelion
Design Team: Eunice TSUI