Art Basel Hong Kong is full of visual resources, and it could prompt you to look at the ever-changing world around you in new ways. Human books in this library—past M+ collaborators—accompany you for a walk that is inspired from their creative practices, to experience much more than what is on display at the fair.

Creatives use their imaginative and critical perspectives to guide and connect with participants in the walk. We hope this intimate experience inspires you, in the context of the fair, to develop new ways of seeing your future museum visits.

Books in the library include:

Tang Kwok Hin, Artist
William Lane, Musician and Curator
Ching Siu Wai, Magazine Publisher
Sara Wong, Artist and Landscape Designer

Date and Time:
1–6pm on 29 March, 1-4pm on 30 March, and 12–5pm on 31 March

Sessions are held every hour on the hour, and last 45 minutes.

Gathering point:
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 M+ Booth: P5 (L1 Concourse, outside Hall 1D)

Registration has closed. If you are interested, check with our staff at the booth 5 minutes before the programme starts.

About the Creatives

Tang Kwok Hin
A mixed-media artist, independent curator, and writer, Tang Kwok Hin often appropriates and reconstructs daily and personal contexts as a way to express concerns about people and their surroundings. In this space defined by the presence of art, Tang invites participants to connect with their past, present, and future, drawing from personal history and memory.

William Lane
As Founder, Artistic Director, and Violist of the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, William Lane performs as a soloist and an orchestral and chamber musician in Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America. Lane’s tour, entitled Music Walk 4 X 5, transforms visual and experiential aspects of the fair into sound, as he invites participants to articulate their encounters onto the floor plan of the space, turning it into a ‘graphic score’.

Ching Siu Wai
Co-publisher of Magazine P and former Creative Director and Publisher of City Magazine, Ching Siu Wai has over thirty years of experience in the magazine and media industry, managing various processes in magazine production, including art direction, design, and editorial planning. Using photography as a lens, Ching invites participants to revisit and capture moments that touched them, and to encounter their past selves by observing the people, events, and things at the fair.

Sara Wong
A co-founder and board member of Para Site, Sara Wong is also a practising landscape designer and currently a Senior Lecturer at the Hong Kong Design Institute. Wong takes participants on a journey of wandering, disorientation, and discovery, extending an invitation to look for clues along the seemingly random route while searching for meanings and stories.