There Are No Others / Bight of the Twin

There Are No Others / Bight of the Twin

7.4.2017, 20:10

Opening the Genderfluid series, this double bill takes a personal look at the body, the self and the other, pairing Amy Amos Gebhardt’s slow-motion short of falling naked bodies shot against a changing cloudscape with Hazel Hill McCarthy III’s documentary on Genesis Breyer P-Orridge’s journey to the Vodoun Twin Festival in Benin



Angst Essen/Eat Fear / Uterus Man / Ex Nilalang

Angst Essen/Eat Fear / Uterus Man / Ex Nilalang

8.4.2017, 16:40

Presenting works that challenge cultural and gender stereotypes, this triple bill features Ming Wong’s re-enactment of a seminal Fassbinder film, an anime short of an androgynous superhero by Lu Yang, and a series of four performance videos by Club Ate that transform Filipino urban myths and traditional folklore into stories of queer resistance


Minsan Isang Panahon (Once Upon a Time) / Class Picture / Start from Zero / Bundled

Duilian / Orlando

8.4.2017, 19:20

Two sumptuous stories of historical fiction that cross the boundaries of time, country and gender: Wu Tsang’s dreamlike martial-arts love story about a revolutionary poet set in present-day Hong Kong, and Sally Potter’s daring adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, a playful story of a young man who, mid-way through a life that spans four centuries, wakes one morning as a woman


Inextinguishable Fire / Lover, Other: The Story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

Inextinguishable Fire / Lover, Other: The Story of Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

9.4.2017, 14:10

A double bill that explores the performative self, identity politics and trauma, featuring a performance video by transgender artist and stunt person Cassils, and an experimental documentary by Barbara Hammer profiling the Surrealist artists, Nazi Resisters and lovers, Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore


Shape of a Right Statement / Stateless Things

Sérgio e Simone #2 / Love Man, Love Woman

9.4.2017, 16:00

Exploring how indigenous religions can offer a safe haven for transgressive gender identities, this double bill features Virginia de Medeiros’s documentary portrait of Simone, a transvestite prostitute who assumes a double identity as Sergio, an evangelical preacher, and Nguyen Trinh Thi’s profile of master Luu Ngoc Duc, a flamboyant spirit medium of the Vietnamese Dao Mau religion