No Home Movie

No Home Movie

2.12.2016, 19:30

Opening this series is the final film of renowned Belgian director Chantal Akerman. From idle conversations around the kitchen table to online video chats, Akerman reveals the intimacy between mother and daughter and presents the unadorned truth of her family life through the direct gaze of the lens


Embracing / Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About? / Video Letters 1-2 / May You Live in Interesting Times

Embracing / Is There Anything Specific You Want Me to Tell You About? / Video Letters 1-2 / May You Live in Interesting Times

2.12.2016, 21:45

This screening presents a quadruple bill of artists’ videos and documentaries, including early experimental work by Naomi Kawase and Hong Kong artist Yau Ching’s letters home, that address notions of culture and belonging, reconstructing personal histories to explore the influence of family on personal identity


Minsan Isang Panahon (Once Upon a Time) / Class Picture / Start from Zero / Bundled

Minsan Isang Panahon (Once Upon a Time) / Class Picture / Start from Zero / Bundled

3.12.2016, 15:55

Is memory true or invented? This screening brings together a collection of works by Asian directors, including Flora Lau and Singing Chen, which explore memory and identity through the re-appropriation of found images, the re-creation of memories and the re-shaping of collective history


Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2 / Meteorites / Dogtooth

Belated Punctum: La Jetée 2 / Meteorites / Dogtooth

3.12.2016, 19:30

This triple bill, including award-winning Dogtooth by Yorgos Lanthimos, looks at the relationship between family and society. Whether through fiction, the use of personal stories to reflect upon national history, or the pairing of historical and family footage with surreal narrative sequences, these films explore life and its absurdities


Shape of a Right Statement / Stateless Things

Shape of a Right Statement / Stateless Things

4.12.2016, 14:20

Featuring a filmed re-staging of a YouTube manifesto by Wu Tsang and a feature film by Kim Kyung-mook, this double bill looks at individuals and groups on the fringes of society, exploring how the concept of home can be extended beyond the family to include the physical community of a city or virtual communities online


0116643225059 / La Ciénaga

0116643225059 / La Ciénaga

4.12.2016, 16:35

Pairing an experimental short by Apichatpong Weerasethakul with a full-length feature by Lucrecia Martel, this double bill looks at homesickness and family ties, dysfunctional relations and family tragedies


A Magical Substance Flows into Me / The Stuart Hall Project

A Magical Substance Flows into Me / The Stuart Hall Project

4.12.2016, 18:40

The last screening in the series pairs two films, documentaries by award-winning filmmaker John Akomfrah and video artist Jumana Manna, that look at the concept of home and identity from social or historical perspectives, depicting the influence of nationalism and historical narratives on individual identity through intimate portraits of two diverse cultural figure