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Doreen Chan
Trained in visual communication at university, Doreen Chan pursued further studies in photography. Chan draws inspiration from her daily life; she believes images are the raw material for her creations, and she integrates images with various media to explore her relationship with the surrounding environment. She has had solo exhibitions at Lianzhou Foto 2013 and at KIGOJA art space in Seoul. She has also exhibited her work in Beijing; Gwangju, South Korea; Macau; Hong Kong; Bloomington, Indiana, United States; and several cities in the United Kingdom. Chan was one of the finalists for the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2015.

Alan Cheung@One Bite Design Studio
Alan Cheung is Co-founder and Managing Director of One Bite Design Studio. He is a registered architect in Hong Kong with more than ten years of experience. He previously worked for Rafael Viñoly Architects and Benoy, and was shortlisted for the Young Architect Award by the Hong Kong Institute of Architects in 2015. One Bite was named Best Interior Design Studio Hong Kong and awarded Hong Kong Retail Interior Design of the Year 2017 by Build magazine. He is currently a core member of Archi-Platform at the Hong Kong Architecture Centre. 

Hung Fai
Hung Fai graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In his practice, Hung deconstructs elements of traditional Chinese ink painting and then reconstructs them conceptually through experimentation and transformation, extending the possibilities of the medium. Exhibitions of his work have included the solo show The Departing Landscape: Hung Fai Ink Project (Grotto Fine Art, 2016) and a joint exhibition with local ink artist Wai Pong Yu, Same Line Twice (Grotto Fine Art, 2017). Hung’s work was featured in the exhibition The Weight of Lightness: Ink Art at M+ in 2017–18, as well as at Art Basel in Hong Kong and at Ink Asia. His work is collected by M+, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and private collectors.

Kongkee is a wry comics writer who cannot tell comedy from tragedy. He creates animations and comics that depict the lives of Hong Kong people and their wisdom in the face of absurdity. His publications include Imperfect Shoes (2003), Ricegas (2008), Pandaman (2010), Ding Ding Penguin (2011), Jin Dor Man (2013), Our Sai Yee Street (2014), and Hi-Jacking, in collaboration with Chihoi (2007). In 2015, Travel to Hong Kong with Blur was published in collaboration with the British band Blur. Kongkee’s animation Departure (2017) received the Gold Mention at the nineteenth edition of DigiCon6 ASIA.

Fiona Lee
Fiona Lee graduated from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Her work is derived from the intersection between installation and performance. Listening creates an important connection between the artist and the world; this is when Lee feels the movement of every single moment. She believes her art represents the progress she is making in exploring and accepting her own and others’ possibilities. Her installations and performances have been featured in local and international arts and music festivals, including ART CAMP TANGO 2017, the Jockey Club ifva Everywhere (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2016) and Experimental Series #2 of the Jockey Club Street Music Series (Hong Kong Arts Centre, 2016).

Annie Wan
Annie Wan obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her works juxtapose daily objects with ceramics in response to modern lifestyle. She has participated in exhibitions locally and internationally. She was an Award Winner at the Hong Kong Art Biennial in 2003 and was selected for the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 2000. She has been a resident artist at art institutions in the United States, Japan, and Denmark and was invited as Guest Artist by the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan. Her works are collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and art institutions overseas. She is now Assistant Professor at the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Wong Siu-pong
Wong Siu-pong graduated from the Department of Journalism and Communication, Hong Kong Shue Yan University. He received a grant from CNEX to shoot his first full-length documentary, Fish Story (2013). An exploration of the issues of education and poverty, Fish Story was selected for various international film festivals. It won Best Documentary at the FIRST International Film Festival in 2014 and led to Wong’s nomination for the New Talent Award at the Hong Kong Asian Film Festival. His latest documentary, Snuggle (2016), was included in the list of Films of Merit at the 23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

Renatus Wu
Renatus Wu is a designer, publisher, editor, and all-round book creator. Wu has been recognised by the Hong Kong Designers Association Asia Design Awards, at which he received the Hong Kong Best Award; the Design for Asia Awards (DFA); and Graphic Design in China (GDC). He founded the Hong Kong–based design studio Edited, the independent publishing company Mosses, and the independent bookshop Book B. His goal is to develop a platform for independent publications, to allow Hong Kong publishers to showcase their work.

Solomon Yu
Solomon Yu graduated from RMIT University and obtained his Master of Fine Arts degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He began his career with painting and has pursued his interest in the negotiation between forms and narrations, exploring image making as a means of thinking, experiencing, and acting. As an extension of his art practice, he enjoys collaborating with other artists on curating exhibitions and projects. These curatorial projects include Hug Someone You Haven't Seen in Years (Make a Change, 2012), the online exhibition Silent Waves (soundpocket, 2015), and Other Sides of Evidence (independently curated project, 2017). Yu is a part-time lecturer at the School of Continuing Education, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Guests and Performers:

Banana Effect | Adonian Chan | silhungmo

Banana Effect
Banana Effect is a multicultural performing arts group dedicated to the promotion of immersive theatre. The group sets out to create a unique experience that extends the limits of one’s visual and auditory sensations, inviting audiences to be immersed in the world of stories. The group believes that there are intangible connections between one’s inner world and physical surroundings, and that audiences can explore different angles of viewing and rediscover their sensitivity towards both the outer and the inner worlds. Banana Effect has performed and engaged in creative exchange in Hong Kong and overseas. The group’s recent work Never Stand Still was presented in the United States.

Adonian Chan
Adonian Chan graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design. He is a graphic designer and composer, and a co-founder of Trilingua Design. In recent years he has conducted research on the Hong Kong font Beiwei Kaishu; Chan reinterprets this unique local font with contemporary design sensibilities, in order to rediscover the aesthetic value of this aspect of Hong Kong’s visual culture. He is also a guitarist and songwriter for the independent band tfvsjs. In 2014, he co-founded with his bandmates the restaurant and cultural space SYUT, a platform for exchange featuring food, design, and music.

A local independent band established in 2012 and currently formed by Ashley (vocals), Moore (guitar), Ka Chai (bass), and Gould Wu (drum). In 2015, silhungmo (whose name refers to the Cantonese translation of Little Red Riding Hood) released their debut album, Listen to Your Breathe, sharing the stories of people living in the city with their energetic melodies. Their music is like an oasis, giving city dwellers a break from their hectic lives. In the age-old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is an innocent girl, and the band hopes to carry this quality into their energetic, passionate, and youthfully spirited music, to remind us of our lost innocence.