Sean CurranMo LaiEven LamMarble LeungDaniel Yeung

Sean Curran

Having been known for his perseverance and devotion in the drama scene in Hong Kong, Sean Curran, Artistic Director of theatre du pif, produced numerous impressive Chinese and English dramas in the local market throughout all these years. In the second phase, he visited Theatre du Soleil in France, National Theatre Studio in Britain, Abbey Theatre Studio and Galway International Festival in Ireland. He interviewed the local artists and arts administrators to study how the theatres produce quality programmes and provide rooms for the artists to explore their creativity.

Mo Lai

The versatile and awards winning movie/theatre practitioner cum the President of the local theatre company FM Theatre Power, Mo Lai has been developing her artistic capacity in various fields in the past years. Having experience of organising and practicing outdoor performance for over a decade, she still looks for resolution for further development of outdoor performance in Hong Kong context. Mo Lai aims to take reference on the related policies towards street performances and outdoor activities in Britain. She visited different public areas, the Southbank Centre where various outdoor activities were held, and other arts festivals and activities to observe how the local citizens, artists and arts venues are connected.

Even Lam

Even Lam graduated from the Drama School of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 1991. He founded Jumbo Kids Theatre in 1999 and is currently its Artistic Director and Company Manager. Works he directed include Death Trap, Ten Brothers, Journey to The West and Trouble Family. He is undergoing his master degree in Directing at HKAPA at present. Even Lam visited several theatres for children in Czech Republic such as National Marionette Theatre, TA FANTASTIKA Theatre, The Image Theatre. He also travelled to the U.S to visit Mr Larry Hunt’s mask production studio and attended the 7-day mask production workshop.

Marble Leung

Marble Leung, Head of Programme and Education of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, has developed his career in theatre for over 20 years, and has comprehensive understanding on the operation of local theatre industry. In order to study the current developments of theatres in Japan and Korea in the second phase programme, Marble Leung conducted research in Honda Geki, Seinendan, Bungakuza in Toyko, theatres at Daehangno and other commercial theatres in Seoul. The observations and analysis will be important reference for the theatre development in Hong Kong.

Daniel Yeung

Daniel Yeung graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is a self-taught dancer and awarded scholarships to study choreography in Holland and the UK. Daniel received Award for Best Artist (Dance) of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2012. His works were named Top Five Best Dance Works of the Year twice by South China Morning Post. With his solo productions, Daniel has won four times in the Hong Kong Dance Award for his choreographies and performances in 2000, 2005, 2009, and 2012 respectively. This time Daniel Yeung attended small-to-medium-sized festivals in Japan including Fukuoka Dance Fringe Festival, Kobe Asia Contemporary Dance Festival and Hokkaido Contemporary Dance Exhibition. He also exchanged thoughts and ideas with arts practitioners from different arts festivals.