GuoGuang Opera Company | Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop

GuoGuang Opera Company

Established in 1995, GuoGuang Opera Company infuses literary classics with a modern aesthetic using contemporary theatre concepts. Along with traditional operatic works, the company explores new and original programmes that combine current social issues and elements extracted from literature, history and folklore. GuoGuang actively engages in the development of new works, extends performances to new venues to reach a wider audience, and participates in international exchange programmes to promote the xiqu art form. The Company has also received numerous invitations to perform its award-winning productions internationally.

Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop

Established by a group of young Cantonese Opera enthusiasts in 1999, Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop aims to integrate traditional Cantonese Opera with contemporary theatre and make it accessible for a wider audience. The group organises and co-produces high quality Cantonese Opera productions and provides performance opportunities for emerging Cantonese Opera actors. They are also involved in organising Cantonese Opera related events, workshops, collections, heritage research and publications. Past productions include “Arena”, “III Masks”, “III Madames”, “Martyrdom”, “Tik-sang Tong’s Librettos LIVE: CantOpera Concert ‘His Butterflies’”, and “III Domains: Human Ghost Deity”. Utopia Cantonese Opera Workshop was incorporated as a charitable organisation in December 2001.