Director: Xu Suling
Screenplay: Cui Wei
Production: Jiangnan Film Studio
Cast: Ma Jinfeng, Ding Guiyun
Yuju|1958|B&W|80 mins|DCP|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

Twenty years after she quit serving the crown, legendary female warrior Mu Guiying learns that the country is once again in dire danger, facing foreign invasion. The matriarch of the Mu clan, Madam She, sends a pair of young warriors to help the Emperor. Meanwhile, treacherous minister Wang is close to getting his useless son appointed the army general. Upon knowing that Mu is still alive and well, the Emperor requests her to lead the imperial army. Mu, who distains the incompetent monarch and his deceitful minions, initially rejects, but Madam She convinces her to see the big picture and have the best interest of the country at heart. Thus, Mu takes command of the army and sets off to war.

Yueju The Princess Falls in Love

20 March 2021 (Saturday), 2:30pm

Director: Li Pingqian
Screenplay: Yu Jian
Production: Great Wall Movie Enterprises
Cast: Xia Meng, Ding Saijun, Li Qiang, Feng Lin
Yueju|1962|Colour|114 mins|DCP|No subtitles

In the Ming dynasty, General Liu Tianhua and his daughter Liu Jinding are rewarded by the Emperor for fighting off a large band of pirates. Jinding, freshly given the title of princess, is escorted to the royal temple to pay tribute to the gods. Feng Jiajin, the son of a court minister, commits a capital offense by hiding in the temple to sneak a peak of the princess’ beautiful face, and two fall in love at first sight. Upon finding out the pair’s secret engagement, a furious Tianhua threatens to have Jiajin killed for his crime. Luckily, the resourceful Jinding is able to get the Emperor on their side. Having received the royal pardon, the lovers can finally have their happily-ever-after.

Jinju Saving General Yang

20 March 2021 (Saturday), 7:30pm

Director: Sun Yuanxun
Screenplay: Zhang Xiang, Zhang Yanjie, Liang Feng
Production: Xi’an Film Studio
Cast: Li Yuexian, Yan Huizhen, Gao Cuiying, Guo Caiping, Zhao Jixiang
Jinju|1984|Colour|96 mins|DCP|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

As the war between the Song dynasty and the Liao Empire becomes increasingly intense, the Liao army sets up an elaborate tactical formation at the border. After a failed attempt to break the formation, Song general Yang Yanzhao is rescued by Mu Guiying—a revered female warrior from the Mu clan. Mu declines Yang’s invitation to join forces to fight Liao, citing her family’s past bad blood with the Song court; but as fate would have it, she falls in love with Zhao’s son, Zongbao. Knowing about the young love, an ecstatic Zhao comes up with a clever scheme to get Mu to soften her stance, and persuades the royal prince to appoint her as the new army general.

Pingju Flower as My Matchmaker (restored version)

21 March 2021 (Sunday), 2:30pm

Director: Fang Ying
Screenplay: Chen Huaiping, Lv Ziying, Wu Zuguang
Production: Changchun Film Studio
Cast: Xin Fengxia, Zhao Lirong, Li Yilan
Pingju|1963|Colour|107 mins|DCP|Lyrics with Chinese subtitles

Li Yue’e and Wang Junqing want to get married, but their union is met with disapproval from both families. Father Li doesn’t like the Wangs; while Junqing’s mother hires matchmaker Madam Luan to convince another maiden, Wuke, to marry her son. Caught in a dilemma, Madam Luan devises a scheme and sends her own cousin Jia Jun to meet with Wuke as Junqing, and the two fall in love. Saddened by her daughter’s heartbreak, mother Li decides to take Yue’e to marry Junqing anyway, but they are confronted by an angry Wuke. Luckily, Madam Luan arrives just in time with Junqing and Jia Jun to clear up the misunderstanding, and both couples get their happy endings.

Liyuan Opera A Widow’s Lament

23 March 2021 (Tuesday), 7:30pm

Director: Feng Xiaoning
Screenplay: Wang Renjie
Production: China Theatre Association
Cast: Zeng Jingping, Gong Wanli, Zhang Chunji
Liyuan opera|2013|Colour|117 mins|DVD|Chinese and English subtitles

A widow with a young son, Yan finally summons all her courage to profess her feelings to scholar Shen Rong. Shen—a self-proclaimed man of virtue—rejects her and labels her an indecent woman. Humiliated, Yan mutilated her hand as a reminder to never think of romance.

A decade later, Yan’s son becomes an accomplished scholar and the Emperor agrees to issue a commendatory letter to Yan for raising a fine young man. When the task falls upon Shen, he mentions in the letter about how his past rejection was what turned Yan into a virtuous woman and devoted mother. As Shen’s account becomes national knowledge, the trauma and indignity start to push Yan towards her tragic end.