This is my first VR video. During the research and brainstorming process, I thought about the following questions: What has VR brought us? How have human senses been explored and changed? What is reality? How much of the traces of human civilisation recorded through sound, image, language, character, video, and virtual media get to travel through time and space and be presented to us now (or in the future)? Looking into these questions, I wanted to unify form, media and core content. For this reason, the film is set in a futuristic world where memories and consciousness can be uploaded, with Chou Shou-yi’s choreography capturing emotions too big to be described in the moment of limbo before death. The work also reflects on the question of what is worth storing. In the future, will VR happen inside our brain? From a meta perspective, can this VR film work exist regardless of the boundaries of time, or will everything turn to dust?

Director & Writer
Singing Chen