Eastern District laying along the shores of Victoria Harbour has a close bonding with the ocean. With the sea breeze, it echoes with West Kowloon at the other side of the harbour.

West Kowloon Cultural District Authority is co-organising with Eastern District Council to present “Eastern Ethos Express @ West Kowloon”, a community engagement event curated by the programme partner Merit Minds Workshop. Under the theme of arts and cultural crossover of East and West coast, this free event splits into four zones: “When East Meets West”, “Tales of the East”, “The East Coast and I” and “Multicultural Youth Splash”. It features lots of fun activities ranging from interactive art installations, various performances, workshops and much more, to share the precious community memory and invite general public to explore the uniqueness of the districts.

Join us on the Art Park lawns to learn more about Eastern District and get a taste of its unique local culture.

Programmes are subject to change without prior notice.

17 March 2019 (Sunday)


Art Park, West Kowloon

Free admission
Registration applicable to selected workshops

For more information and registration:

visit event page


Adverse weather arrangements:
The event will be cancelled when a black or red rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted.

E-mail: admin@meritminds.com.hk
Tel: (852) 9702 6406


Programme partner:

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