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Andy is typing...

Andy is typing… is an alternative rock band from Hong Kong, composed of JKY (Singer/Guitarist), Andy (Bassist), ManPing (Lead Guitarist), and Kelvin (Drums). Their motivation comes from the ups and downs of life, which are reflected in their music.


Milkmouth mixes the 90s grunge vibes of energetic, riff-lead power-tracks, with their own style: mellow, dark and brooding, to make what they call “Indiegrunge”. Their music is inspired by their favourite artists: Balance and Composure, The 1975, Green Day, Foals, Deftones, and Nirvana. They also include the occasional cover song.

Choi Sai-ho X Kenneth Tsang X Jing Wong

Photo by Kevin K Wong

Choi Sai-ho
Choi Sai-ho, a media artist and multimedia musician, graduated in the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Media at the City University of Hong Kong. He received the Award of Young Artist (Media Arts) by Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2012, Outstanding Achievement in Music for Dance for "Storm Clouds" (Hong Kong Dance Company) by the 17th Hong Kong Dance Awards 2015 and Honoring for "Collide" by Visual Music Award:Visual Music Live Contest 2016 in Germany. He has toured and performed in various media art and music festivals including Electron Festival (Switzerland), Experimentica (UK), Perform Media Festival (USA), Clockenflap, Sónar Hong Kong, IFVA, Hong Kong Arts Festival, Baybeats Festival (Singapore), etc. After releasing the album "Sync" in 2015, he showcased his art film, "Brighton Is Our Playground", in 2016 at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. His work "Mars, the Bringer of War" is premiered at the RTHK "Our Hong Kong Young Notes" concert performing with City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2017.

Kenneth Tsang
Kenneth is the band member of local indie band Modern Children. Modern Children have been the support act for bands such as The Charlatans (UK) and The LifeJourney (China). Their positive music and passionate live performance has taken them to different international stages, including Macau Flash 2008, NOTCH 2009 in Guangzhou, Baybeats 2010 in Singapore, and Art Setouchi 2010 in Japan. Kenneth is the member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH) since 2011. He has composed different type of music for theatre works as well as movies and advertisement.

Jing Wong
Graduated as a Theatre Designer and Director in London's Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design with First Honours, Jing Wong is now a singer-songwriter who has toured over 20 cities in China with 2 albums released. He describes his music as “Damien Rice on Steroids with Jack White on guitar.” He was the opening act for Belle & Sebastian, Kings of Convenience and Andrew Bird in their tour to Hong Kong, and played at Music Festivals such as the Clockenflap and wow and flutter.


After years of trying to look cool and serious, these three musicians decided to keep it real. There's just one goal for their performance - to make you laugh and dance.

Blood Wine or Honey

Blood Wine or Honey have honed their mantric afro-bitten electro-psychedelia in the industrial warehouses of Hong Kong, surrounded by the smell of dried fish, the throb of heavy machinery, and the humidity of the South China Sea.

Kaya Doran

Kaya Doran is a local Boston music producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and poet who utilizes her immediate resources to create art. Having worked in a multitude of genres (which runs the gambit from classical to jazz to electronic to experimental rock) for many different types of mediums (digital media, online content, film, advertisements, VR, live) her recently released EP “Mellow into Blue” is her first solo music project, the majority of which she wrote, arranged, produced, performed and recorded on her own.


A five-piece indie rock band, Chochukmo has been described as "perhaps the most charismatic band to have emerged in southern China in recent years" by TIME. The band has collaborated with musicians such as Ivana Wong, HOCC, Ellen Joyce Lo and Andy Hui, and have played at local and overseas music festivals. In 2016, Chochukmo created a multimedia live, “Tree Hole Project”, at Star Hall of KITEC and in 2017, they produced a live streaming concert “Chochukmo 5+2 Studio Live Session”.

Project Ace

Project Ace’s music contains elements of R&B, hip hop, soul and funk. Their album reached the top of the download charts when it was released in the first week of 2014.


Established in September 2009 and comprised of Eddy Hong (Vocal+ Guitar), Tatming Lam (Bass), Zinchu (Drum), Mike Li (Lead Guitar) and Lee Tsan Ming (Supporting Guitar), Zpecial was trained by local favourites ToNick and Kolor. In 2014 they won the “YAMAHA Asian Beat 2014”’s Hong Kong Division and represented the city in the finals in Japan.

Peri M

Peri M (short for ‘Perimeter’) is an indie rock band from Hong Kong. Members include Aeolus (vocal), Kai (guitar), Turn-B (bass), Eunice (keyboard) and Tim (drum). The band loves making music with rich, tight musical arrangements and melodic vocal lines, creating a sonic landscape. They released their debut EP ‘Rainbow Tears’ in 2010 and their second EP ‘Again’ in 2012.

Another Kitchen

Another Kitchen was formed in 2010. The current line-up features Kit (founder & bass guitar), Charles (guitar) and Kimi (vocal). Their music includes elements of blues, R&B, funk, latin and fusion. Through playing music, they want to express their dissatisfaction towards the society and passion for dreams. They enjoy playing in the band and hope to resonate with the audiences.

Another Kitchen’s first acclaimed album “Do What You Love” was released on 2 April 2015. Their song “Play Tonight” entered the Commercial Radio chart as one of the top ten. The band is now working on their new album.


Four-piece band FreshLife – Alan on vocals, Vincent on guitar, Logout on bass, and Nick on drums – bring a fresh, new energy and passion to Hong Kong’s music scene. While the band may be new, the individual members have a wealth of experience. Singer Alan Tse has a solo album Awake (《醒覺》) under his belt as well as multiple awards from the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards. Guitarist Vincent and bassist Logout are active in the music scene as session musicians for pop singers, and drummer Nick, a graduate from the Musician Institute, has also been active working with different singers. Coming together to share goals and dreams, the band are set to release the self-titled single “FreshLife” later this year.

Sea Island & Ferry

Sea Island & Ferry is a ‘neo-chamber ensemble’ from Hong Kong, with members playing both Western and Chinese traditional instruments. Formed in 2016, the group will release its first album ‘Crossings’ in 2018. Their music features both originals and covers and contains elements of improvisation.


Senseless is an alternative “proGAGsive” rock band from Hong Kong, composed of Raymond on vocal, Rock Gor and Chan Hin on guitar, Wai on bass, and Sailim on drums.

Eat Sleep Recycle

Eat Sleep Recycle are a math rock band from Hong Kong, with elements of post-rock and soul.


Known for their energetic, passionate and youthfully spirited music, silhungmo (derived from Chinese, meaning Little Red Riding Hood) has won a handful of band competitions over the years, going as far as performing at 2013 Formoz music festival in Taiwan. In 2015, silhungmo released their debut album《聽着呼吸擴張狀態》and toured around Canton Province. In the age old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood was an innocent and carefree girl, a quality the band hopes to carry into their music.

Shotgun Politics

Shotgun Politics are a four-piece pop rock band. Coming from different backgrounds in Hong Kong, Singapore, Chengdu and Malmö, they bring together influences from indie, punk rock, metal and pop. They call the result “Stadium Punk”. They want people to remember their shows for big choruses, loud guitars and infectious performances.

Jason Kui

Jason Kui is a guitarist and composer who combines modern metal, hard rock, funk and ballad influences while integrating rock lead techniques and compelling melodies. He has just released his debut guitar instrumental album “Absence of Words” early this year.

Outside of his solo work, Jason performs as a session and touring guitarist with many well-known artists throughout Hong Kong and China. He started his career as a sideman when he was 23 and has played countless shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum. He has recently finished a 2-year world tour as lead guitarist for Eason Chan.


R.O.O.T is an alternative project by Jan Curious and guitarist Teriver Cheung, with Chok Kerong on keyboard and Synth Bass, Fish Huang on drums, Atlas on trumpet, and Chuen on Saxophone.


88balaz are a punk rock band from Taipei, with elements of soul and blues.


PsycLover (short for ‘Psycho Lover’) is an indie band from Hong Kong. Members include 國 (vocal & guitar), 寶 (keyboard), P (bass) and MiLK SoYA (drum).


Revery, formed in 2011, is composed of Louis (vocal & rhythm guitar), Him (lead guitar), King (bass) and Nok (drum).

Sugar Bro

Sugar Bro, formed in 2011, is a rock and pop band from Hong Kong who released their first album in 2013. They play in festivals and competitions across Hong Kong.

Panther Chan

Panther Chan is a singer and a songwriter from Guangzhou, China. She joined the 2009 “Asian Millionstar” singing contest, winning fourth place and the 2014 “Song of China” with her original song “誰搞的情人節”.


EMPTY was formed in 2002 by a group of Hong Kong high school students in response to a school music competition. They are still pursuing their dream and love of music.