Wei Hai-min as Da-yu-er (Xiao-Zhuang)
Tang Wen-hwua as Dorgon
Wen Yu-hang as Hong, Cheng-chou
Wang Yao-xing as A-ba-hai
Lin Ting-yu as Young Da-yu-er
Li Jia-de as Young Dorgon
Huang Shi-ya as Shun-zhi
Performing with the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan

Production Team:
Performance unit: Guo Guang Opera Company and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan
Supervisor: Chen Ji-min
Producer: Zhang Yu-hua
Artistic Director, Scriptwriter: Wang An-chi
Scriptwriter: Lin Jian-hua
Director: Li Shiao-pin
Director: Wang Guan-qiang, Dai Jiun-fang
Assistant director: Peng Jun-gang
Orchestra Leader: Li Chao
Vocal and Music Composer: Wang Yi-Yu
Percussion Group Leader: Chin Yen-long
Conductor: Xu Jun-xun
Stage Designer: Li Bo-lin
Costume Designer: Cai Yu-fen
Lighting Designer: Deng Zhen-wei


Wei Hai-min

Wei Hai-min is an internationally renowned qing yi (young female) actor from the Mei (Lan Fang) School of Peking opera, who delivers outstanding performances in both traditional and newly created productions. After joining the Mei School, she became the first live-in apprentice of Mei Bao-Jiu, and devoting her life to pursue her art. Although qing yi roles were traditionally confined to the mild-tempered and submissive wife, Wei became known for lending the women she portrayed more outspoken characters. Wei is a four-time winner of the National Army Cultural Award for the Best Dan (female lead) Role, as well as a recipient of the  Taiwan National Culture and Arts Award, the Plum Blossom Award, the Most Outstanding Asian Artist Award, and the Junior Chamber International’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award.

Tang Wen-hwua

A graduate of the Fu Hsing Dramatic Arts Academy, Tang Wen-hwua is GuoGuang’s lead laosheng (martial and civil) actor, and a leading laosheng in the Taiwan opera world. His sonorous voice and fine acting skills have made him a favourite among opera aficionados. He was awarded the National Army Cultural Award for Best Sheng (male lead) Role, the Culture and Arts Award, the Sokka Gakkai International Cultural Award, the Taiwan Junior Chamber’s Global Chinese Arts and Cultural Heritage Award, and the Taiwan National Culture and Arts Award.

Wen Yu-hang

Renowned xiaosheng (young male) actor Wen Yu-hang learned the art of Kunqu from masters such as Ma Yu-sen, Man Yue-min, Zhu Min, Zhu Shi-lian, Shen Shi-hua, Zhang Yu-wen and Fu Xue-yi. He is the recipient of the Golden Melody Award-Best Traditional Music Interpretation Award and the Global Chinese Arts and Cultural Heritage Award.