GuoGuang Opera Company l National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO)

GuoGuang Opera Company


Established in 1995, GuoGuang Opera Company infuses literary classics with a modern aesthetic using contemporary theatre concepts. Along with traditional operatic works, the company explores new and original programmes that combine current social issues and elements extracted from literature, history and folklore. GuoGuang actively engages in the development of new works, extends performances to new venues to reach a wider audience, and participates in international exchange programmes to promote the xiqu art form. The company has received numerous invitations to perform its award-winning productions internationally, and been recognised with a number of prestigious awards. Recent original productions include Journey through Hell, Wang Shi-fong, Three Persons and Two Lamps, The Golden Cangue, Hu Xue-yen, Sunlight after Snowfall, Fox Tales, Meng Xiao-Dong, One Hundred Years on Stage, Cleopatra and Her Fools, Flowing Sleeves and Rouge, Tan Chun, Young Emperor Kanxi and Crafty Regent Aobai, The Painting of 18 Lohans, Lord Guan Yu on Stage and Dowager Xiao-Zhuang and Dorgon.

National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO)

Administered by the National Center for Traditional Arts, the National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan (NCO) brings together some of the finest talent in the Chinese music community in Taiwan. Dedicated to preserving tradition while embracing contemporary Taiwanese culture, it produces and performs original work with the aim of building a brand of orchestral music unique to Taiwan and promoting Taiwanese music on the international stage. As a cultural ambassador for Taiwan, the orchestra has performed in many cities in Europe, the United States, and Asia. The orchestra’s innovative performances incorporate a variety of elements, including drama, dance, painting, poetry and literature. Published recordings include the CDs “The Beautiful Taiwan”, “The Joyful Taiwan”, “My Heart Leaps Up”, “By Way of Remembrance”, “NCO 30th Anniversary”, “Where is Mauliyav?” and “Listen to the Soundscape of Taiwan”.