Hong Kong Palace Museum kicks off its pre-opening public engagement programmes with a preview booth at Fine Art Asia 2019. The booth is divided into three thematic sections titled ‘Viewing’, ‘Travelling’, and ‘Living’. These themes were inspired by the renowned eleventh-century Chinese painter Guo Xi (c.1001-1090), who wrote, 'There are landscapes that people could view, travel through, and live in.' In this preview, the ‘Viewing’ section features the elegant and grand architecture of the Palace Museum in Beijing and the design of the Hong Kong Palace Museum which embraces the site’s natural beauty. The ‘Travelling’ section invites you to discover the beauty of Hong Kong’s landscape and understand the notion of ‘blankness’, using aesthetics and perspectives in Chinese traditional landscape paintings. In this section, images of Hong Kong’s cityscape and art objects from the imperial court are juxtaposed. The ‘Living’ section presents calligraphic works by emperors of the Qing dynasty (1644–1911) alongside works by the prominent Hong Kong–based Sinologist Prof. Jao Tsung-i (1917-2018). Let us explore together these artistic traditions and their resonance in our lives today.

The booth features a lively dialogue between traditional art and technology and between the past and the present. Accompanying programmes include a panel discussion with leading art experts, a talk, a dance performance, and a number of workshops.

Each successful registered participant for Hong Kong Palace Museum activities will be entitled to an admission pass to Fine Art Asia 2019. For further admission information of Fine Art Asia 2019, please visit: https://fineartasia.com/fair-admission

Date and Time:
4–6 October 2019 (Fri-Sun) 11:00am – 7:00pm
7 October 2019 (Mon) 11:00am – 6:00pm

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong Palace Museum Booth: D18, Fine Art Asia 2019, Hall 3

Panel Discussion and Public Talk: Lecture Hall, Fine Art Asia 2019, Hall 3
Workshops and Performance: Hong Kong Palace Museum Booth D18, Fine Art Asia 2019, Hall 3

Panel Discussion & Public Talk:




4 October 2019

Hong Kong and A Global Art Network

Nancy Maria Lee Chang, Yifawn Lee, Maria Mok


Moderator: Daisy Yiyou Wang

6 October 2019

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Empresses

Daisy Yiyou Wang

Workshops & Performance:

Date Event Participating Artists
4 October 2019 Beauty of Ambience – Gongbi Painting Demonstration & Workshop Eunice Cheung 
5 October 2019 Blankness in Mind – Tea Ceremony & Tasting Chen Tsai Yueh 
5 & 6 October 2019 Calligraphy in Motion – Dance Performance Chris Lam, Ada Ho, Rex Cheng
6 October 2019 Colours of the Imperial Garden – Floral Arrangement Demonstration & Workshop Denwa Cheng 
7 October 2019 Landscape Painting on Ceramics – Talk by Ceramic Artist Winus Lee

Online registration for admission pass is required and on a first-come, first-served basis.

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